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4 Great Digital Marketing Strategies That Worked

In this blog, we bring you the top 4 companies with the best online marketing campaigns that rocked.


Uber started only 8 years ago but it feels like they’ve always been around. They have grown mostly through word-of-mouth marketing, which has a very high conversion rate. Uber offers incentives for users to act as brand ambassadors by giving referral codes to their friends in exchange for free rides. By bringing together a service that saves you time, makes transportation easier and cost-effective and the powerful referral system, Uber has made the most of its digital marketing strategy.


Zappos has set amazing standards in online customer care. Apart from a365-day money back guarantee, they offer free shipping (sale as well as return/exchange). At the same time, Zappos invests heavily in digital marketing.

Such policies are so popular that buyerstalk about the company in a positive light in a completely organic (and, of course, viral) manner. And according to Nielsen, 84% of customers make purchase decisions based on recommendations from their friends.So you have a winning formula!


The financial tracking tool Mint took has proven that it’s possible to carve a niche successfully through well-executed digital marketing strategies.

Mint’s commitment to putting out highly valuable content is amazing – from informative blog posts to instantly-going-viral infographics. As the result of its digital marketing efforts, Mint amassed a huge online following before Intuit bought it for $170 million!


Many companies have online communities but AMEX has truly leveraged the value of online conversations by industry experts on its Open Forum website. Guest authors are invited to share business expertise. As a result, AMEX gets a content-rich site,a search engines’ favorite, without emptying its pockets to pay content contributors.

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Are you Still Using Your Homepage Instead of a Landing Page?

If you’re wondering why anyone should use a landing page when you have a perfect homepage, this blog is for you.

Focus, Focus, Focus

You need a landing page if you are running a PPC campaign, promoting a product or service through social media and SEO or writing guest posts on 3rd party blogs.

Each of the above actions has a specific goal, such as purchase, subscribe, download or view, comment and share.

If you’re sending people to your homepage, think again. You actually need a focused landing page dedicated to the specific action you want people to take.

One Target – Conversion

A person reaching your website can take one of several possible paths. But a landing page directs your visitor’s focus exactly on converting them to the action you want them to take.

Let’s take for example, if you are running a PPC ad for a cleaning service, and the ad offers a discount on the first service, taking the visitor to a generic web page will defeat the purpose. They may hit the back button or get distracted and finally leave without doing anything, making you lose a potential customer.
On the other hand, a landing page shows the visitor exactly what brought him/her there. It is like fulfilling a promise. You can put the specific details of the offer (as in above example) or any other desired action that explains the offer along with its benefits, taking them to a clear CTA.

You Can Test a Landing Page

If you want to convert visitors into buyers, you need an increased conversion rate. With a landing page, you can create different versions and find out which one converts at a higher rate. It is not possible to do this on your home page.

No Distractions

Your homepage has lot of information and several paths visitors can choose from, distracting them. A landing page has no distractions of the home page.

Different Versions For

  • Different Ads

In a PPC ad, you often target different keywords, messages, and products. With landing pages, you can create different versions for each ad. You can have landing pages for each but not different versions of your home page.

  • Organic Search

If is better to have unique landing pages for each keyword if you want to target specific keywords for an SEO campaign, such as keywords in the URL, page synopsis and those in the body of the landing page.

On the other hand, your home page contains too many competing keywords. This dilutes the effect of each keyword.

Remember to take visitors to a landing page, instead of your home page, the next time you run a PPC ad or a social media promotion.

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Re-Organizingyour Website Can Help You Win the SEO Game

Would you like to know how to structure your website to boost its relevance for search engines, drive more organic search traffic and gain competitive advantage?

The SEO strategy we are talking about has been here for a while but a majority of businesses are still not using it.

Present Scenario

Most website designers are SEO experts. Yet the design of your siteand its architecture, impacts your SEO.

Wouldn’t it be wiser if you builtyour website considering SEO, from the very start? Your website is not your product brochure (and that’s what most brands end up making them).Topic-focused content organization is overlooked. The problem is it doesn’t make you a subject matter expert in the search engines’ eyes, which then overlooks you.

The Way Ahead

Imagine if you were a search engine, what you would like to show to your users – a site that looks like a product catalogue or a site that gives valuable content about the subject and helps users by solving their problems.

When you design a website, you should do it in a way that it helps the search engines better understand what your business is about.

To achieve that, you not only have to ensure great look and feel and colors, but also content depth and organization. Google’s algorithms are becoming smarter as we speak and you may need to redesign your site accordingly.

To prove that your business has subject matter expertise about the products and services you are into, you need to create organized content around them rather than just a casual mention on various pages on your site.

Organizing Website Structure for SEO

You need to structure your website’s content so that it conveys subject matter expertise to search engines. You can do this through directory structure and links to clearly show what your site is about.

The website content needs to be structured (also known as Siloing in SEO jargon) whether whenyou’re creating a new website, giving your old onea makeover or designing an SEO strategy.

Why you need to do this, you may ask. Simply put, a disorganized site doesn’t convey what it is about. It can negatively impact your search rankings, and thus traffic.

When you website content is presented by topic or theme, the search engine algorithms can easily see that you have sufficient content around a particular subject, and you can answer a related query on that subject.

Here is how to reorganize your website’s content for great SEO –

  • Knowing your keywords
  • Find out how people search
  • Have sufficient content
  • Organize topics and sub-topics in a clear hierarchy
  • Have internal links to connect related pages

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Add 5 Things To Your Homepage To Make It More Effective

Your homepage is the first impression your customers get when they reach your website. First impression may not be last but they are always lasting impressions. It’s important your website gets the traffic and filter that traffic into leads and finally customers.

Here are a few essential elements that you can add to your homepage to make it more effective and drive traffic and sales. Leading web design companies, such as OgreLogic in Texas, can help you incorporate these elements so that you have a winning website.

Hero Image

Your homepage’s hero imageis a large banner image, placed prominently on the homepage page, right in the front and center. It is the first visual a visitor comes across on your site. You can use it to present an overview of your site’s content and message. Thebanner image would typically include an image and text and it can be both static and dynamic.

The hero image banner draws the users and hence it should be a perfect description of who you are, what you do, and what you can do for the user. This can go a long way in engaging the visitor and finally driving sales.


Many potential customers are still very cautious about shopping and making payments online, or entering their personal and financial information on the web. Additional information about your brand, what you do, your products and services helps you build trust with potential buyers.

Supporting information can consist of:

  • Benefits of your product/service
  • Who you are
  • Affiliate logos
  • Social proof
  • Reviews/Testimonials
  • Success Indicators


The majority of your visitors may not be ready to buy/sign up with you. Ensure that your homepage includes information on how users can navigate your site to learn more about your product/service. This not only helps them learn more about what they are looking for and helps you establish credibility with them.


A secondary call to action can be added to give the user an option to buy or engage with the site in case they weren’t interested before but now they are.

Clear Navigation

Your visitors should have a clear path to where they are headed from the homepage. Complex navigation can deter visitors from going ahead and abandoning your site altogether. If you want to showcase products and services, ensure they are easily visible and accessible. Convenient navigation can reduce decrease bounce rates.

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