When to Switch to Google Analytics 4

When should I Switch to Google Analytics 4?

The short answer is NOW!

Read on for the long answer.

In March 2022, Google announced that the standard tracking property for Google Analytics – UA or Universal Analytics or GA 3 – will not process any data after July 1st 2023. Their statement said that UA properties will not process new hits from 1st July 2023, and UA 360 properties will not process any hits from 1st October 2023.

GA 4 is already the default analytics for new properties and accounts, but existing users have to switch to the new experience.

If you, like some other business owners, feel you have another year to move from UA or GA 3 to GA 4, you should know that the time for the switch is NOW!

Why should existing websites think of Google Analytics 4 Setup before July 2023?

Google Analytics 4 brings several new and advanced features for businesses, such as customer lifecycle and churn probability. That itself is a great reason to transition to GA 4 as soon as possible but there’s a bigger reason to move now.

As of now, GA 4 doesn’t move your data over, leaving you with no historical data in the new version. The good news is if you move over to GA 4 now, you can run both your new and old analytics accounts together. You can collect data in GA 4 before the old version is gone. There is no update on the fate of the data on GA3, so it is best to move now and start collecting data in the newer version.

Remember that user-level data retention, including conversions, is fixed at up to 14 months in Google Analytics 4 properties. You have various options for the length of retention for other event data – 2 / 14 / 26 / 38 / 50 months. Age, gender, and interest data always has a 2-month retention period, regardless of your settings. You can increase the retention period or change it to ‘Do not automatically expire’ for already collected data. At the end of the retention period, the data is automatically deleted on a monthly basis.

Simply put, if you make the move to GA4 before 1st July 2022, you’ll be able to access year-on-year comparisons by the time Google puts Universal Analytics to bed.

Google Analytics 4 Benefits

If you are still sitting on the fence about switching over to GA 4, the following lines will change your mind.

Here are 7 unbeatable benefits of Google Analytics 4 that transform your analytics strategy.

  • Smart tracking

Current tracking methods rely on cookies. The new GA 4 Analytics is a flexible approach that is not reliant on cookies, rather on AI and ML, to measure marketing results and meet customer needs.

  • Advanced analysis

GA4 allows elaborate funnel customization, identify user paths, study heat maps, and more.

  • Predictive metrics

GA 4 offers three predictive metrics:

  • Purchase probability – the likelihood of an active user making a purchase
  • Churn probability – the likelihood of an active user becoming inactive
  • Revenue prediction – the expected revenue from active users

These metrics can be used to create highly targeted campaigns!

  • Improved ROAS

With these highly insightful analytics, you can plan more cost-efficient campaigns and target your relevant audience more specifically.

  • BigQuery integration

GA4 and BigQuery integration allows analysis of mountains of raw data, insights from the platform’s ML capabilities, and streaming data directly to BigQuery.

  • Engagement metrics

Instead of the bounce rate, GA4 shows positive data on user engagement. With the help of enhanced measurement events, like scroll, website search, and downloads, you can understand exactly how users are interacting with the website. That means now you know whether your blog post is more engaging or the CTA to subscribe to your newsletter. Currently, UA requires custom coding to do this.

  • Cross-platform tracking and customer journey

GA 4 now merges data from apps and websites giving you insights into engagement across your platforms.

The Life Cycle in GA 4 can give you reports on customer acquisition, engagement, monetization, and retention. These can help you create the complete customer journey map.

These insights tell you where you should direct more resources or change your strategy to hit your revenue goals.

Since it takes time to accumulate enough data for analysis, the sooner you start on GA 4, the sooner you can reap these benefits.

How to check whether you are on UA / GA 3 or GA 4?

If your Google Analytics property was created before October 14th 2020, you are most likely using the older version or the Universal Analytics.

If your Google Analytics property was created after that date, you may be using Google Analytics 4. Your property ID can help you understand whether you have a UA property or a GA 4 property.

UA property IDs start with “UA” and end with a number such as, UA-123456-1.

GA 4 property IDs do not have any letters, only numbers 123456.

Need help moving over to GA4?

At Ogrelogic, our endeavor is to make your life easier while we help you scale and grow. To help you move to Google Analytics 4, we’ve designed a system service for easier switch over while ensuring the safety of your data.

We can do this in two different ways –

Basic Setup

  • Google Analytics 4 setup (GA 4 setup)
  • Setting up the new account to start collecting data properly along with your existing Universal Analytics (UA or GA3) property

Advanced Setup

  • Includes Basic Google Analytics 4 setup
  • GA4 events setup
  • GA4 goals setup
  • GA 4 analysis and reports
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup

Remember that the sooner you start collecting data in Google Analytics 4, the easier the transition will be.

Switching over to GA4 now gives you a head start of almost a year to to ensure you can still track user activity on your website, including valuable metrics, such as sessions, revenue, bounce rate and time spent on site, before the old version is phased out.

Get your google Analytics 4 set up today

If you need help understanding this or need Google Analytics 4 Consulting Services, talk to our experts today.

We are already doing this for our existing customers and have developed a specialized process to ensure your data safety.

Call us on 512-559-7491 or email [email protected] and ask for Google Analytics 4 Strategy & Services.

Why work with Ogrelogic?

We are a full-service digital design, development and marketing company, who specialize in helping you establish your business online and flourish.

  • 60+ team of designers, developers, marketers, project managers and quality experts
  • Proven experience
  • Trusted by businesses globally
  • Dedicated account managers

Customized strategy, planning and execution

taxi app

How much does an Uber-like Taxi/Cab mobile app development cost?

According to a report by Statista, revenue in the ride-hailing and taxi segment is projected to reach US$314,224m in 2022.

Are you looking for a taxi app development company or software? Do you know there are different types of taxi or cab booking or ride-hailing mobile apps?

This blog is for all cab services owners and startups who want to know how much it costs to develop a taxi booking app.


Types of taxi booking applications

Dedicated Taxi App

Who is this right for?

A dedicated taxi app is perfect for fleet owners who need a taxi app for their company, so that they can acquire more customers.

What would be the primary source of revenue?

The primary source of income would be third-party advertisements or the customers booking the services.

Aggregator Taxi App or App like Uber

Who is this right for?

A cab booking app like Uber is perfect when a large number of cars and drivers are available or expected. The app will list drivers with their cabs so that the customers can book them directly.

Aggregator taxi app can have two sub-types –

  • Simple App – A simple aggregator app will list the services of different cab drivers with their commercials.
  • On-demand App – Popular apps like Uber are good examples of on-demand taxi/cab applications. Users can book cabs in their vicinity via the application. Drivers can also pick up bookings via the app.

Taxi/Cab mobile app development costs

Many mobile app development companies may tell you that developing such app will cost between US $5000 to US $100,000. However, the pricing for mobile app development services is not fixed because the cost of developing an Uber-like app is based on a number of factors.

Let’s look at the different factors that determine the cost of developing a taxi booking app.

  • Features

The features you want your taxi booking app to have will play a big role in determining its cost. The more advanced the features, the more functional the app and the higher the pricing. API integration to add more features will add to the costs of development.

  • Technology stack

The efficiency and budget-friendliness of the tech stack used for developing mobile apps will also contribute to the overall app development cost.

The technology stack needed for developing a taxi booking application may include Google Maps; Swift (for iOS); Kotlin and Android Studio (for Android); AWS; PayPal and Stripe (for payment gateway); chat and message apps and more.

  • Complexity of the app

Based on the complexity of the mobile app, the app development company will allocate their resources. The cost of the resources is the biggest determiner of the overall cost.

  • Basic features dedicated taxi app: US $5,000 – US $15,000
  • Complex features dedicated or medium features aggregator app: US $15,000 – US $30,000
  • Advanced features aggregator app: US $30,000+
  • User App

User Android app design and development – 60-90 working days

User iOS app design and development – 60-90 working days

  • Driver App

Driver Android app design and development – 45-60 working days

Driver iPhone app design and development – 45-60 working days

  • Development center of the app development company/agency

The location of the app development company’s development center can reduce or increase the overall app design and development cost. This is because the resource costs in Asian countries are lower than in USA, Australia, the UK.

While North America-based developers charge $150-$250/hour, India-based developers may only charge $20-$80/hour.

Finding the exact pricing of your taxi or cab booking app development can be a challenge. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation with our mobile app consultants to find out how much your app will cost.

To make your life easier, at Ogrelogic, we give you a modular pricing with you with must-have and good-to-have components.

Must-Haves in a Taxi Booking app

  1. Rider’s App
    1. User Registration & Login
    2. User profile with edit option
    3. Cab Booking
    4. Different payment gateway options
    5. Push notifications
    6. Option to track the vehicle’s location in real-time
    7. Fare calculation
    8. Feedback
  1. Driver’s App
    1. User Sign-up & Login
    2. User profile with edit option
    3. Booking Confirmation
    4. Option to accept/reject bookings
    5. Trip details
    6. Real-time location tracking
    7. Booking History Tracker
    8. Earnings Tracker
  1. Admin App (backend)
    1. Admins should have the option to access exhaustive information about active, completed, and booked rides.
    2. Report Tracking
    3. Revenue Management
    4. Driver Management
    5. Passenger Management
    6. Customer care Management

Tips to make sure you can build a great taxi booking app in your budget

mobile app development cost

  1. Keep things simple. Begin with the must-haves. Ask the app development company to give you the pricing for adding good-to-have features later.
  2. Don’t be misled by cheaper cross-platform or hybrid app development. Cross platform apps have lower speeds, poorer UI/UX design, and limited customization options and tools within the framework, compared to native apps. You don’t want to build an app and then turn users away because of poor performance, do you?
  3. Choosing the right app development company is key. Some entrepreneurs and business choose to hire freelancers and get their apps built in a piecemeal approach. That is most likely to end up poorly. Freelancers do not have the capacity to provide you full design, development, quality testing, project management and troubleshooting and maintenance capabilities. Such projects are often left midway and you end up losing a lot of money. It is best to hire a full-service native mobile app design and development company who can offer you a full, 360-degree service under one roof. These companies have robust in-house teams who make sure your project is designed and developed as assured and they can also overcome any roadblocks along the way.

Ogrelogic is a trusted cab booking and other app development solution provider. Our team of mobile app developers has introduced some of the most unique and efficient apps to the world in a variety of domains.

Get in touch with our experts and we will be happy to guide you through the app design and development process and help you to launch your dream app in 2022. Call us at 512-559-7491 or write to [email protected].






The Simplest SEO Guide to Get Organic Website Traffic from Google

ogre seo

Launched your website and wondering when visitors will start showing up?

The struggle is real.

Many businesses have great websites but very few visitors. Having helped hundreds of clients and worked for several years in digital marketing, we know how hard it is. Fortunately, we also know now that there are proven strategies to get organic traffic from Google.

All we ask is that you follow these steps that we share for six months straight. Search engine optimization and boosting your Google ranking is a dynamic process and depending on your niche and offerings, most of you should be well on your way in these six months.

The ‘Right’ Keywords

You may have already heard of keywords but picking the ‘right’ keywords is truly key to your website traffic. Pick the wrong keywords, and you’ll find yourself with no organic traffic or sales.

Keywords are essentially a combination of your products and services and the locations you wish to target. In other words, these are words and phrases your target audience is typing into Google search.

The best way to find the right keywords is to think like your potential customer. Ask yourself, what you would type into Google if you were looking for your products or services. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family members, or even existing customers, to get keywords they would use.

Visit your competitors’ websites. You can get an insight into the keywords they are targeting by reading their content and metatags.

Keywords can be short tail or long tail. Long tail keywords contain three or more words or phrases. These keywords may have lower search volumes, but they have the higher potential to get you more relevant traffic, are usually less competitive, and easier to rank for.

The best digital marketing companies or agencies can help you find the best keywords with specialized tools to find keywords. These keyword tools can help you get more data on search volumes, current trends, level of competition for a keyword, similar keywords and more.


Even if you have found the best keywords, keep monitoring them. Change the ones that are not working for you and zero in on trending keywords or new keywords your competitors may be using.

Create Content

Now that you have your keywords, utilize them wherever possible!

Insert keywords into metatags, website content, blogs, and social media posts. The more you use your keywords in your content, the easier it is for Google to direct your target audience to you.

But using the keywords everywhere does NOT mean you stuff them in. Don’t write a blog with keywords just for SEO. Write a blog to genuinely provide valuable, relevant content to your target audience. Let your ranking and traffic be a natural outcome of it.

A few other things to consider while posting your content are –

  • Keep your URLs short
  • Keep the main keyword in your headlines and sub-headlines
  • Keep a few important keywords in your meta tags

Promote Content

Producing content is not all. Even if you have the right keywords in your blog, it may not rank on Google if you don’t promote it.

The first thing to do is get social shares. The second is to get backlinks.

Google will not necessarily rank your pages higher because of social shares, but the more people that see your page, the more you would get backlinks. The higher your backlinks, the higher your Google rank.

In your keyword analysis report, your digital marketing or SEO agency can also help you understand how many backlinks each of your URLs have. They can also help you identify the sites your competitors are getting backlinks from.

If producing content is not your forte, some agencies may even help you with writing and sharing your content

It will take some work to get your first 1000 visitors but once you know how to do it, you have the mastery to generate traffic and increase your sales.

If this sounds like a lot, take one small step at a time.

Alternatively, you could hire an expert. As mentioned before, experienced digital marketing agencies can help you each step of the way.

If you are comparing different agencies, look beyond the pricing. Ask them what activities they will conduct to optimize your website for the right target audience. Optimization is done both on-page and off-page. Check out this SEO package pricing comparison guide to see whether you are getting enough value for each marketing dollar you are spending.

Organic Website Traffic

The Simplest SEO Guide to Get Organic Website Traffic from Google

Launched your website and wondering when visitors will start showing up?

The struggle is real.

Many businesses have great websites but very few visitors. Having helped hundreds of clients and worked for several years in digital marketing, we know how hard it is. Fortunately, we also know now that there are proven strategies to get organic traffic from Google.

All we ask is that you follow these steps that we share for six months straight. Search engine optimization and boosting your Google ranking is a dynamic process and depending on your niche and offerings, most of you should be well on your way in these six months.

The ‘Right’ Keywords

You may have already heard of keywords but picking the ‘right’ keywords is truly key to your website traffic. Pick the wrong keywords, and you’ll find yourself with no organic traffic or sales.

Keywords are essentially a combination of your products and services and the locations you wish to target. In other words, these are words and phrases your target audience is typing into a Google search.

The best way to find the right keywords is to think like your potential customer. Ask yourself, what you would type into Google if you were looking for your products or services. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family members, or even existing customers, to get keywords they would use.

Visit your competitor’s websites. You can get an insight into the keywords they are targeting by reading their content and metatags.

Keywords can be a short tail or a long tail. Long-tail keywords contain three or more words or phrases. These keywords may have lower search volumes, but they have the higher potential to get you more relevant traffic, are usually less competitive, and easier to rank for.

The best digital marketing companies or agencies can help you find the best keywords with specialized tools to find keywords. These keyword tools can help you get more data on search volumes, current trends, level of competition for a keyword, similar keywords, and more.

Even if you have found the best keywords, keep monitoring them. Change the ones that are not working for you and zero in on trending keywords or new keywords your competitors may be using.

Create Content

Now that you have your keywords, utilize them wherever possible!

Insert keywords into metatags, website content, blogs, and social media posts. The more you use your keywords in your content, the easier it is for Google to direct your target audience to you.

But using the keywords everywhere does NOT mean you stuff them in. Don’t write a blog with keywords just for SEO. Write a blog to genuinely provide valuable, relevant content to your target audience. Let your ranking and traffic be a natural outcome of it.

A few other things to consider while posting your content are –:

  • Keep your URLs short
  • Keep the main keyword in your headlines and sub-headlines
  • Keep a few important keywords in your meta tags

Promote Content

Producing content is not all. Even if you have the right keywords in your blog, it may not rank on Google if you don’t promote it.

The first thing to do is get social shares. The second is to get backlinks.

Google will not necessarily rank your pages higher because of social shares, but the more people that see your page, the more you would get backlinks. The higher your backlinks, the higher your Google rank.

In your keyword analysis report, your digital marketing or SEO agency can also help you understand how many backlinks each of your URLs have. They can also help you identify the sites your competitors are getting backlinks from.

If producing content is not your forte, some agencies may even help you with writing and sharing your content.

It will take some work to get your first 1000 visitors but once you know how to do it, you have the mastery to generate traffic and increase your sales.

If this sounds like a lot, take one small step at a time.

Alternatively, you could hire an expert. As mentioned before, experienced digital marketing agencies can help you each step of the way.

If you are comparing different agencies, look beyond the pricing. Ask them what activities they will conduct to optimize your website for the right target audience. Optimization is done both on-page and off-page. Check out this SEO package pricing comparison guide to see whether you are getting enough value for each marketing dollar you are spending.


The Hottest Web Design Trends in 2022

It’s 2022 and time to look into the web design trends you can expect to see this year. What designs and UI trends should we consider to keep our websites fresh and modern for our audiences?

Let’s look at some of the top web design trends that started emerging last year and will continue to dominate this year, and some other designs that are about to quickly gain popularity.


Who doesn’t need a ray of sunshine in the post-pandemic world? This could be the reason why designers are creating fun, optimistic designs this year.

You too can some inject fun and optimism into your website design by using happy faces, lighter fonts, and colors that project positive emotions. Pay attention to overall imagery and look for faces that can website visitors can connect with. And don’t forget to be inclusive. In fact, that’s another big trend no one wants to miss out on!

Black and White

Black and white color schemes are the most striking design trend of the year. Without color, the designer has to get truly creative and the results can be absolutely stunning. Applying just the right effects and techniques can make your black and white color scheme work well.

Bold Fonts

Continuing the stark design trend are big bold fonts. From outlines to shifting shapes, bold and experimental typography is dominating website design. When it comes to today’s web typography, there really are no rules and designers are playing with a little bit of everything.

3D Elements

Incorporate 3D elements this year to make your website stand out. You can use animations, shadows, layer effects or motion to create depth and dimension and enhance visual interest.

Text Design and Scrolling Text

web design

Another hot trend this year is designing simply with text and without any images for a minimal aesthetic.

No need to worry about what photo is worthy of your home page banner. Design it without images in 2022. A design without images is also a great opportunity to try other techniques as well, such as animations, hover states, or other interactive elements.

You could also use oversized typography and scrolling text elements to keep the user engaged and by adding emphasis to key words, you can further spark their interest.

However, don’t forget to keep calls to action separate so that website visitors can read them easily.


Gradients keep making a comeback every time you think they are gone. So, they reappeared in 2021, and in 2022, gradients will be seen as text color fills for added emphasis and in illustrations to create an effect of textured depth.

Massive Footers

Website footers have become the new design element, especially for websites that offer a lot of information.

Big footers are a great idea when there are various elements with different purposes. Make the most of this trend by using elements that can create a distinct sense of organization, enabling users to find what they are looking for with ease.

With an increasing number of websites getting redesigned, think how you can utilize these design trends into your websites.

If you are looking for a design team that can give your website a makeover or overhaul, ask us for a FREE WEBSITE DESIGN QUOTE at 512-559-7491 or [email protected]. Our design team will sit down with you to understand your vision, and then come up with exciting design options to achieve your business objectives.

Website Design

Start Your Successful Dropshipping Business in 6 Simple Steps

Since you are reading this, you already know that Dropshipping is an extremely popular and successful business model for new entrepreneurs, especially if you have limited funds.

How does Dropshipping work?

It is simple, really. You have an e-commerce website where you showcase third-party products for your niche. You can be a registered dropshipper with the third-party manufacturer or supplier. Customers buy on your website but the order is fulfilled by the third-party. In other words, you do not have to manufacture or stock inventory. This cuts operational costs and leaves you free to focus on customer acquisition.

In a dropshipping business, you are responsible for creating your own website and brand, as well as choose and market the products you want to sell.

The following 6 steps will help you set up and run a successful Dropshipping business on a limited budget.

Choose a niche

You must select a specific product niche and cater to a particular target customer, not to mention you should be genuinely interested in it. Things to remember while selecting your niche:

  • Select a niche with higher margins – In a dropshipping business, your focus is on acquiring customers, in other words, you are putting in the same effort to sell something whether its retail price is $20 item or $200. So, pick a product range where you can make more money.
  • Check shipping costs – Although your supplier or manufacturer will fulfil orders and ship them to the end customer, high shipping costs can push customers away. Offering free shipping to your customers can help you attract more sales.
  • Your product must appeal to buyers who have the financial ability to make a buying decision on the spot.
  • Pick products that potential customers are already searching for. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner and trends to check common search terms related to your potential niche.
  • Build your own brand – Your dropshipping business will be more valuable if you can rebrand the products you are selling. Find out products you can white label and sell with your custom packaging and branding.

Research competition

As a dropshipping business, you will be competing with other dropshipping businesses as well as big retailers. Research how they are selling similar products. That will help you mark up your products and evaluate customer acquisition strategies.

Don’t try to pick a product that has little to no competition. That may be a sign there isn’t demand for that particular product, the shipping costs are too high, or poor profit margins.

Find a dropshipping supplier

Most dropshipping suppliers are overseas and you need a reliable one. Ensure that you can communicate well, and their turnaround time is low. Alibaba and AliExpress are some of the largest online databases of potential manufacturers and suppliers.

Build your dropshipping -commerce website

One of the most important steps in building your dropshipping business is to have a custom e-commerce website that can support your business now and later when you scale up.

There are many template-based platforms available but the problem with them is they will make you a cookie cutter website that will not be search engine friendly. Such platforms often keep increasing their fee gradually or you have to pay additionally for every feature you add. This means that despite spending time and money in making your website, it will not be easily visible to your target audience, which means your products will not sell as much and as fast as you want them to. In addition, it will be quite difficult for you to move your website to another platform, if you want to do so in the future.

On the other hand, a custom website may seem a little more expensive upfront but is a one-time expense with no hidden costs. However, you own your custom website, and it can be scaled up easily, as business grows. Another huge advantage with a custom dropshipping website is that it is unique and search engines love custom websites. As a result, you are likely to rank higher, SEO is easier and you are more easily visible to potential customers. In other words, more sales and higher profits.

The fastest way to build a successful dropshipping business is to have a custom e-commerce website built by experts who know what they’re doing, such as Ogrelogic solutions, who have been creating custom e-commerce websites for more than 6 years. Ask for a free consultation and the technical team will help you create a custom, e-commerce dropshipping website to suit your budget.

Create a customer acquisition plan

Once you have a great website and products, you need to attract potential customers. This can be effectively achieved with social media marketing, including ad campaigns.

This strategy allows you to generate sales and revenue right from the start, which can contribute to quick scaling. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, allow you to place your offer directly in front of a highly targeted audience, allowing you to compete with the largest retailers.

In the long term, Search Engine Optimization and email marketing is important. Collect emails and set up automated email sequences to offer special offers. This can help you generate revenue with your existing customer base, without additional ad spend.

Learn, Learn, Learn

Track and analyze all metrics available for your dropshipping business. Use tools, such as Google Analytics and Facebook pixel data, and track every single conversion. There is no standard advertising or marketing solution. Keep testing new opportunities, tweaking current campaigns, and optimizing campaigns.

If you need help building your Dropshipping business e commerce website, consult the technical team at Ogrelogic Solutions or call 512-559-7491 for a FREE CONSULTATION. With more than 500 satisfied clients, Ogrelogic is a team of dedicated developers, designers, quality experts, marketers and project managers that work on all the latest technology platforms and help you build a business from the start.


The Dummies’ Guide to App Store Optimization

If you are thinking of building an app or are having one built right now, you have probably heard the term – App Store Optimization (ASO).

The app store is the biggest source of potential users for your app. A Google study revealed that 48% of new mobile app discovery comes from browsing app stores. Another 34% of new app downloads result from app store recommendations.

app store

So, it’s a no-brainer that to increase your app downloads, you need to make your app easy to find, click, and download in the app stores.

It is important to know that there are more than 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store and a whopping 3.4 million apps on the Google Play Store!


So, how do you make your app stand out among the millions already out there?

The answer is — App Store Optimization (ASO).

You know about SEO but what exactly is ASO?

This guide will help you understand what ASO is and ASO techniques you can use to maximize exposure and impact on app store rankings and downloads.

What is ASO?

Like SEO helps your website rank higher in Google search results, ASO helps your app appear in the top search results for relevant keywords in the app store. Needless to say, ASO can make your app more visible in the app store, increase the number of downloads and boost revenue for your app.


Both Apple’s app store and Google’s Play Store have their own algorithms for app ranking. This means you may need a separate strategy to get downloads on these stores.

While these algorithms are based on a large number of known and unknown factors, the app stores index keywords used in your app’s metadata.

And your best bet for great ASO is to use relevant search terms or keywords in your metadata.

App store Metadata includes the app’s –

  • Title (30 characters)
  • Subtitle (30 characters)
  • Keystring (100 characters)
  • Promo Text (30 characters)
  • Description (4000 characters)

The first three are indexed by the search algorithm.

Since App store metadata brings you visibility, and each component in metadata can only be a fixed number of characters, it is best to use as many characters as possible with your metadata. Remember that terms like ‘and’ or ‘the’ are ignored by the algorithm.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical for ASO since app store search algorithms look for keyword combinations across your app title, subtitle, and keystring.

Out of these, the title of your app has the most significant influence on search rankings and hence, your keyword planning should always begin with the app name and subtitles. Add your brand name, and the most relevant terms for the functions, and features of your app, in the title. Think about what your potential subscribers would look for when searching for your app on the app store. You can try different keywords and test them over time.

However, avoid repeating keywords in your app title, subtitle, and keystring. Include other relevant keywords instead.

The best approach is to make a list of the app’s key features. And then list the search terms people can use to look for what your app offers. Test the keywords on both these lists to get optimal results.

The keystrings are not visible to the customer but to the search algorithms in the app store.

You have used the best keywords in your title and subtitle. Now use the remaining keywords in the keystrings.

Go for a combination of high competitive or less competitive keywords. The first get a lot of traffic but it will be tougher to rank for them. The latter, on the other hand, are less popular but it is easier to rank for them.

App Store Description

The 4000-character description of your app is the best opportunity to get users.

Search algorithms don’t directly index app store descriptions but Apple Search Ads and Google will. So, use keywords in your description too, to get more visibility and potential downloads.

App Screenshots

App screenshots aren’t a determining factor for ASO. But don’t they catch your eye when you visit the App store?

High-quality screenshots attract downloads from new users. To optimize your screenshots –

  • Don’t put too much information or text on the images
  • Clearly show the app’s main features
  • Carry out A/B testing for different screenshots

Organic vs. Paid App Discovery

Organic and paid discovery for an app is just like organic and paid search for SEO.

Organic discovery is achieved with ASO while paid is done with search advertisements.

While paid discovery gets your app quickly in front of potential subscribers, it drops as quickly when you stop running the ads.

On the other hand, ASO is a long-term strategy. When done right and consistently for a long time, your app remains visible to potential users, even without running ads.

However, regardless of the source of your downloads, they impact organic search rankings. So, if ads are driving your downloads, your organic search rankings improve automatically.

In essence, your marketing strategy should include a combination of both organic ASO and ads.

ASO Strategy

As a business, figuring out ASO on your own can be hard nut to crack. This is where experts at mobile app development and marketing companies, such as Ogrelogic Solutions, can help. They can design the right ASO strategy for your app with the right tools and resources

Companies that specialize in both mobile app development and marketing are invested in your app’s success long after your app has been launched. They are always on the lookout for the search algorithm changes and customize your strategy accordingly.

Remember that while your app is unique, it’s always competing with millions of other apps available for download. Whether you have an iOS app or Android app or both, you can stay on top of your game by leveraging app store optimization.

To speak with one of our mobile app design, development or marketing strategists in Austin, TX, write to us at [email protected] or call 512-559-7491 right away.

Custom Website Design

Is Custom Website Design better than a Template-Based Design in 2021?

Are custom websites better (in every way) than template-based websites? That’s the question we get asked a lot. And our answer is always an emphatic… Yes!

Custom websites are (in every way) superior to template websites. One of the several reasons is that a website built with a template will ALWAYS get a much lower ranking in any search engine than a website built with a “live” CMS like WordPress.


Simply put, templates are very constraining. They limit your ability to make changes and create unique content and that can cost you a great deal, both in downtime and money.

Many business owners choose to build their websites using templates. This is a common but a bad idea. Why? Simply because… Templates are MORE work, MORE hassle and LESS profits!

In this post, we reveal the truth about website templates. We’ll show you exactly what a website “template” is, and how it limits your creativity… and your profits!

We have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why custom websites are better than template websites. This informative post not only explores those reasons, but also reveals some of the hidden benefits of creating a custom website for your business.

What is the difference between a template-based website and a custom website?

A pre-made template is a theme that is sold to multiple businesses, has a lower cost, and is already finished. Custom website designs are unique to your company and business, and the designers collaborate with you to understand your vision and create exactly what you have in mind for the finished product.

Created just for your business

Visitors create an opinion of your website in only 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds)!

If you use a premade theme, you are bound by the design and limitations of that template.

In the case of custom design, web designers develop a unique design based on your exact specifications, from the colors of your brand to the layout you want. You can utilize the best practices for your industry, important features used by the most competitive companies in your market segment, and quality coding.

Achieve your current and future business goals

Your custom website can not only fulfill your current business goals but also future goals. For example, if your focus changes to growth, you can add elements designed to attract more traffic to your website, and develop a loyal following.

Unique to your website

Would you be happy to have a brand identity that is exactly like another company, or your competitor?

No, right?

Then why would you use a website design that anyone else could use?

Having a template-based website that looks just like your competitor’s, can confuse your potential customers or buyers if a competitor buys the same or a similar template.

A custom website design has been created for your business, which means you can create a distinctive identity for your distinctive brand.

Can be scaled up

Many templates lack the ability to grow with your business. It may mean a complete website redesign in the middle of your growth phase.

Custom web designs make your website scalable and can handle high traffic as your business grows. Experienced custom website designers use best practices to help you with SEO and high-quality UI/UX.

You often get a single chance to impress and retain a new visitor to your website before they leave for a competitor’s site, so you need a website design that is unique, easy to navigate, communicates or provides what the visitor is looking for and works correctly.

If constant growth is a priority for you, a template design may limit your ability for any updates later.

Ongoing Support

Premade templates offer limited support since their business depends upon volumes. You may be left in the lurch if your business website doesn’t deploy correctly or you wish to correct errors. You can’t leave your business reputation and web presence to chance.

Custom website designers can provide continuous support for your changing needs. They can easily add new features, make security improvements, and any other updates to ensure your web footprint doesn’t lag behind the times.

Quality Assurance

Premade templates are not made-to-measure. They have not been tested for your business, your company’s equipment or your web host. They might fail causing you to run into hard-to-troubleshoot problems.

Custom web developers can help you deploy the website in your business and identify and troubleshoot any complications. They can also train you and/or your IT team to resolve any potential issues in the future.

One of the biggest reasons business owners look for template-based websites is the upfront cost. While Custom web designs may require a larger upfront investment, but the benefits you receive over time make them much more cost-effective.

Still sitting on the fence?

If you want to have a business website designed, or redesigned, and you want to understand the best way of going about the website design, talk to Ogrelogic experts at 512-559-7491. Ogrelogic has been featured among the Top 10 Website Development Companies 2021 and Top 10 E-commerce Website Development Companies in Austin, TX by digital.com.

SEO Myths ?

Keyword Research is More than Finding the Right Tool – Some Myths Related to It

We all know how search engine optimization or SEO works for any business to rank high on the Google charts but Is it because of the right tools or SEO is more than just using tools to get the desired results? There are lots of myths associated with how SEO works and most of the times we do not even bother to cross-check the reality to come to a practical conclusion. Listed below are some myths about SEO that have been floating around for quite some time now.

# Myth number one was when almost every business entity followed that keyword targeting became irrelevant after Google’s hummingbird. Launched in 2013, the hummingbird was a name given to the algorithm that brought about significant changes in the way Google allowed users to perform their searches. Many even followed this myth until today that targeting keywords will hold no importance, whereas the matter of the fact is the other way around. The visibility of keywords on Google’s first page very much indicates that it still matters.

Reality to this myth is that targeting keywords with high-quality content along s is something that draws the attention of the target audiences. Also, using keywords purposely in the content helps in analysing the searcher’s intent.

# Myth number two is that meta tags don’t matter. Is it true to say? Well, the reality is meta tags make your search results appear attractive where users gain attention the clicks presuming high-quality content on your website. To further explain as to what meta tags are, it includes ‘The title-tag,’ ‘The meta description,’ and ‘meta keyword and phrases. The meta tags are usually beneficial for webmasters to give relevant information on their sites to the search engines. They just pick up the desired information hidden in the meta tag and ignores the rest of it.

Hence, meta tags do matter a lot to keep you at the top of the search engine charts. So, write interesting ones to keep your business afloat.

#Myth number three is that only high-level domains would improve your rankings. Is it true? To some extent, it is true to say that a .com would attract more users than a domain name with the extensions like .ca or .biz, and. guru. This happens because most of the users are aware of the extension names with .com attached to the domains than any other.

For example, if you’re a citizen of Canada but have a domain name with the extension .com, Google will display audiences on a global scale as compared to those belonging to the same industry in Canada and having domain names with .ca as extensions. Google, in this case, will display results about the audience restricted to that region itself.

#Myth number four having an XML sitemap will boost your search rankings. Are you one of those who’ve installed Google sitemap generator to scale your search rankings? Well, doing so is not an important thing but having XML sitemaps are important while building any website. Any sitemap is a way to find more information by the search engines to track your website’s activity by the crawling method. Hence, a sitemap doesn’t affect the ranking process but will increase the visibility of your website in Google’s search index.

#Myth number five, which is commonly followed by many marketers is that Google searches for the new content and index it for boosting visibility. This myth is partially true as search engine bots are on the lookout for fresh content to crawl on it and to index it. But to do so, it may take up to 2-3 days for your blog or article to get noticed by the search spiders. So, it depends on how well you use your XML sitemap generator plugin to help Google find your fresh content update in its directories.

Things that will help you achieve better ranks and long-term visibility on the search engines:

  • Avoid over-optimization of the keywords.
  • Don’t just aim for top-ranks but increased ROI because the thing that matters the most is what you will gain in the end.
  • Stay consistent to get the rankings on the search engines by reaching out to the local people and asking them to link your business to the local listing page.

There may be SEO failures and success stories but learning something new about it every day is what will help you master it in the long run.


Toxic Backlinks

Backlinks – Reasons that make them Toxic

Backlinks as known to all of us are links from one website to a page from another website. Most of the top search engines like Google consider backlinks as the vote bank for respective website pages. In the past few years, it is observed that backlinks tend to have high organic search rankings but is it true to say completely that they bring a difference to the overall performance of any website or boost its visibility?

The role of backlinks is to intimate the search engines that content posted on these links is authentic and that it will gain the websites more visibility. Initially, it was because of the backlinks that Google’s original algorithm (PageRank) was formed. However, over the period, these backlinks started proving toxic to the websites due to which, the organic traffic that was earned by the businesses started getting affected.

Points to consider:

Why backlinks get Toxic?

There are several reasons why backlinks can get toxic and make things miserable for businesses. The important factors that help us to understand why backlinks get toxic include:

  • Low domain trust score:despite backlinks coming in from the trusted domains, the websites show low domain scores. When such a scenario occurs it means the score may be artificially inflated.
  • Page Layout: your page link will show poor quality results if the ratio of visible text to HTML is low.
  • Cyber Security at Flaw: The backlinks coming in from hacked sites pose a real problem for the ones that are authentic. In such cases, Chrome and other browsers would display warning messages to let the users know that the content may be flawed on this website.
  • Check the Spam Score: If the website’s Spam score is 8 and above, it clearly indicates that the site is not authentic and hence generates backlinks.

How are Backlinks Created?

Do it the ‘Broken-link building’ Way

The broken-link building method works just as anyone would’ve expected it to be. It does not just enable one to create one-way backlinks but reports about the broken links on websites by contacting a webmaster. You can also replace broken backlinks and recommend other websites to increase your chances of creating backlinks for your website. There are times when the webmasters wouldn’t agree to send you backlinks, which shouldn’t bother you. Instead, try to help them by intimating them about the broken links and chances are they may send you backlinks for your websites.

Moreover, the broken-link method is always a great way to search for reliable websites on Google. The three most important ways to achieve the desired results include keyword +links, your keywords +resources, and keywords in URL: links. To ease the process, one can download and install the Google Chrome plugin called Check my Links that picks up all the broken links to overcome the problem and increase the visibility of your site to a great extent.

Creating Backlinks through Infographics

Knowing the fact that visual content is preferred more over text, infographics prove to be one of the most popular and efficient methods to gain traffic on the website while earning valuable backlinks. The use of infographics is mainly done as they are easy to understand and creates demand for the backlinks efficiently. This is one reason why the demand for infographics has increased by the day. Several brands are thus seen publishing infographics in larger numbers to gain sound visibility online.

In all of the above information, you need to choose the infographic smartly to avoid the backlinks being toxic and spoil your brand’s rapport in the market. To make it more promising, submit the infographics on various reputed portals and gain visibility.

What more you can do to Avoid Backlinks on your Websites?

If you’re new to identifying toxic links, be cautious and stay focused using the right approach. The foremost danger of toxic backlinks comes from websites with major technical problems, security flaws, and aggressive monetization. Ever since Google introduced its Penguin algorithm it started refining the good links from the poor and penalized sites having toxic links.

Search for the Contact Information

Knowing the fact that several websites have contact forms or about us pages, you can always reach out to the person in charge of the site. Nevertheless, using email over a webform is easier to monitor and follow up. However, if you don’t find any contact information on the website itself, there are specified tools to search for the contact details of a particular website.

Reviewing Backlinks is Important

Any link that can cause harm to your rankings on Google or any other search engines due to malware or viruses are said to be toxic backlinks. Therefore, reviewing each link is important to get rid of the toxicity of backlinks. Audits in such cases are the best options to avoid backlinks from cluttering on your websites.

So, before you create any backlink, check for the fact whether it is authentic and that it does not affect the rankings on important search engines like Google.

Content Marketing

7 Mistakes to Avoid for a Strong Content Marketing Model

The success of any business entity depends upon how strong its marketing strategy is. Often it is observed that there is a lot of room for action but an inconsistent master plan spoils it all, making businesses vulnerable to fall prey at hands of the peers struggling to make a mark in the competitive industry. According to Seth Godin, the popular American author, and former dot com business executive, “content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.”  

It is true to say that content marketing is an important field for businesses to bring in new leads but an equally challenging one as well. So, what best practices should be acquired and mistakes to be avoided to achieve a robust content marketing model to keep businesses ahead of the counterparts and needs to be addressed well?

Here are a few mistakes that should be avoided while planning a strong content marketing strategy:

#1 Half-hearted Planning 

While most of the content marketing strategies start strong, not many reach the desired goals. Know why this happens? Well, lack of patience and the right approach is the prime cause why most of the content marketing models collapse at the beginning of its inception. Let’s explain it this way.

Suppose, you’ve initiated or planned a marketing strategy for brand promotion and enforce necessary guidelines to have it implemented but you realize the planning didn’t fit your expectations and outcome is a failure. It happened because the team lacked passion and consistency in driving the marketing of company to the next level.

Hence, a focused and team playing staff is the key to build a strong content marketing platform for your company.

#2 Playing Quantity over Quality

Publishing irrelevant content just for the sake of it is the worst decision to keep your content marketing plan rolling. Some organizations don’t work on quality but quantity and this is where they miss out on targeting the potential customers beneficial for the growth of their businesses.

Teams are usually directionless and perform poorly because they don’t have any set of ideals and goals on which they could work a strong content marketing model. One has to be thoughtful to come out with amazing content pieces for posting on reputed marketing platforms.

The best trick to play this part safe and strong is to stay focused and keep working on posting quality content that finally becomes an asset rather than a liability in the years to come.

#3 Taking too long to implement a Great Marketing Plan

Once you achieve a great content marketing model for your organization ensure to implement it right away. The longer you take to implement it, longer will be its outcomes, which may not be fruitful for your business. As it is content marketing reaps benefits for businesses at a slow pace, if proper measures are not  implemented on time it will reduce its chances to make a mark in the competitive content market.

#4 Short-Terms Plans finds Businesses Short-Term Visibility

Anything that shows instant results may find your businesses an overnight success but will not work for a longer period. The prime cause for it is a lack of passion and zeal amongst teammates to work out stronger and fruitful strategies for building robust customer relationships. The great content marketing model aims for future relationships with customers rather than short-term success ladders. The staff must keep an eye on the latest content marketing trends and match it up with the existing model of organizations to come out with an exceptional plan that stands out.

#5 Aiming for the ‘Change it All’ at Once

As discussed previously, content marketing takes its own time to reap organizations’ monetary benefits hence changing the business model of the company completely, in the beginning, makes no sense.

#6 No Reviews on the Content Marketing Plan Performance

Practically speaking, any content marketing plan that has a lot of effort being put into should likely to be reviewed at regular intervals for making it work perfectly. However, such is not the case with most of the organizations. Once they implement a content marketing plan, they leave it lame resulting in poor performance and untimely failure.

So, why should be businesses doing a review of the implemented content marketing plan?

There are two main scenarios for the above-mentioned question:

  • If the content marketing strategy works well and gains your profit, your efforts are visible and would gain you profit in terms of branding and online visibility.
  • On the contrary, if your plan isn’t working fine, it means you need to focus on the valuable inputs for insightful gains.

All this and more is possible only if you review your content marketing strategy at regular intervals.

#7 Social Media Dependency

Social media is a competitive platform for businesses to build a strong brand image but in content marketing, it isn’t the only thing that needs to be focused upon. Each social media platform follows a modus-operandi that deal with its potential visitors seeking engagement for their businesses. Therefore, following it blindly without knowing your target audience and expecting revenue generation is not the wise thing to do. Research well before you actually implements it in your existing model.

Bottom Line 

Defining your business goals and the target audience is an extremely important step before planning any content marketing strategy for your businesses. Not only will it help you understand potential customers would give your business a deeper outlook about how it can prosper in the challenging and competitive business world.

ogrelogic app

5 Top Reasons Apps Fail

Millions of apps are available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. A user only takes a few seconds to decide whether or not s/he will download an app or not. And the large number of apps available further adds to the competition for user attention. Most businesses wonder what it takes to develop a successful mobile app.

The competition is undoubtedly immense, yet clutter is not the only reason many apps fail. Read on to understand reasons why mobile apps fail and how you can design your strategy in order to effectively meet your goals.

Poor Research

It’s easy to think that users will love your app, but it is essential to have an excellent understanding of your product’s target audience, much before development begins. Your app will succeed only if it addresses a specific user need.

During the early stages of your project, identify the product’s central demographics and create user persona. The more detailed the user persona is, the better. Include things like demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals, in the user persona.

Lack of uniqueness

App stores are full of similar apps. A successful app is one that offers a unique value proposition (UVP).

To create your UVP, –

  • Draft a vision statement to create a definite sense of direction towards the end goal of the app.
  • Test your product with a prototype to identify and fix problems early, when it’s far less expensive to modify it.

Design thinking is integral to the creation of original mobile apps. It supports innovation and emphasizes on a user-centric approach to product development, which can help you differentiate your app from others in the market and build competitive advantage.

Not choosing the platform carefully

Android and iOS operate in different ways and appeal to different user groups.

Discover your users’ choice of smartphone. This is often correlated with other variables, such as income and education. This information can help you make decisions about your app’s monetization strategy. For example, if your monetization strategy depends more on in-app purchases, iOS may be the most profitable platform for your app. But if you want to use ad placements to monetize your app, Android is a better idea.

If you are developing an app for multiple platforms, you should consider platform differences too. Remember that an average user takes less than a minute to decide an app is worth using!

Poor user experience

To offer a great user experience, the app needs to be intuitive. Poor usability can be caused due to –

  • Difficulty in using the basic functions
  • App performance issues (slow or lagging)
  • Long load times
  • Long registration processes
  • Difficult to access features

Focus on creating an amazing UX so the user not only benefits from your app but also feels great about using it.

Other Reasons

Other reasons apps fail include –

  • Improper testing
  • Poorly executed app launch
  • Project delays and budget overruns
  • Many stakeholders with differing priorities

The bottom line is focusing on market and audience research, following platform-specific best practices, and thorough quality testing can make a difference a successful or a failed mobile app.

How Cloud Solutions Have Benefited Businesses?

How Cloud Solutions Have Benefited Businesses?

However, talking about the cloud isn’t something very new in the tech world as it has been trending for over 10 years now; it surely has been evolving amongst businesses every second. Although computing resources were something that found its space in the 50’s era it has, however, found a relatively newer version in the form of ‘Cloud Computing,’ speaking technically. So, what exactly is Cloud? No, not the cloud formed due to evaporated water. In the technology world, the cloud is something used by businesses to store their data using Internet services. Got confused? Let us explain it simply.

Cloud Basics

Cloud Computing is something where businesses can store data on a third-party server hosted elsewhere. This means the cloud server won’t necessarily be located in-house. The purpose of cloud computing is to help businesses store data without having to worry about the storage space in their computer hard discs. It reduced the burden of maintaining too many hardware devices used for data storage to a great extent. A live and popular example of the cloud is Google Docs. 

Have you ever observed how Google Docs work? No? Well, try using it once and you’ll figure out that the data is being saved automatically forming a cloud file that can be accessed from across the globe. All you need to have is a valid ID to log in to Google Docs and get started instantly. This is just a miniature example of what the cloud can offer. The picture is way too massive to analyze.

So, with this, we can conclude that cloud computing is a platform that enables scalable and perfectly elastic software services using the Internet as a medium.  

IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS – Three Fundamental Cloud Branches 

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

As the name suggests Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS is a service platform where businesses can access storage, networking, servers, and virtualization through a third party to create an IT environment suiting individual business types. Apart from managing the infrastructure, the IaaS also aims at managing other services including IP address, network connections, load balancers, billing management, and access management, etc. to name a few.  

Storage Resiliency – This particular feature is one of the most important ones out of all as it keeps the operations of cloud computing go on smoothly even if there is a power outage or failure of any equipment. The storage resilient software would help in restoring all the data during any troubleshooting due to workloads on multiple physical servers. 

IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-Service enables users to install operating systems, deploy databases, create storage and install workloads as per their business needs. 

SAAS (Software-as-a-Service)

  • Software-as-a-Service is a Cloud platform that allows users to access data from any device with the help of an Internet connection. 
  • The web model is hosted on servers managed by third-party vendors to run the applications including codes, servers, and databases efficiently. 
  • The SaaS model helps companies to focus more on outsourcing of the IT responsibilities and reduce the overall cost of their hardware. The software developed is hosted on a cloud server, which is managed by a SaaS vendor. 

In all of the above discussions, we should not take SaaS the same as On-premise software. Both are different models. Whereas SaaS or (Software-as-a-Service) allows users to opt for annual or monthly subscriptions to access software applications from the cloud, the On-Premise model usually is when buyers own a license. They pay a certain percentage of money for the maintenance and support fees. Choosing either of them depends upon individual business requirements. 

PAAS (Platform-as-a-Service)

Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS as the name suggests is an alternative to any company’s IT infrastructure. This means, to some extent it replaces the IT model of a company with various cloud components in the form of servers, operating systems, and databases, etc. among others. 

Let’s see how PaaS works:

The cloud service provider’s hosted infrastructure with users allows businesses to access data via a web browser without disturbing the company’s existing IT model. The best part of PaaS is that it is flexible and can be deployed on all the cloud verticals including public, private and hybrid cloud models. It is extremely simple for which it takes a plus apart from service available that can be a concern for the users.  

Other Services Involved in Platform-as-a-Service Include:

  • Web Service Integration
  • Information Security Systems
  • Application Development & Designing 
  • Application Testing & Implementation

Cloud Computing – Here to StayAs Cloud computing technology has existed for over a decade now it has been one of the most rapidly changing ones amongst enterprises that have deployed cloud models on their premises. From a simple hosting service to a giant cloud platform Cloud Computing is available to anybody and anywhere in the world. Offering a perfectly scalable IT environment Cloud Computing is something that has gained attention worldwide and is evolving every second of the hour.

Tales and Fables

How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Evolving into Technology World?

Before we dig deep into what machine learning has to offer the future, let us understand what exactly it is? With the future holding countless prospects in the technology world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is gaining peak by the day. The fact is not to be denied how our lives are AI dependent. To explain it in easy words, let’s take an example about how voice search or search results on Internet provide the desired results with ease and tells us that machine learning is at work to give you the desired information. Making lives easier for people and taking the technology a step ahead is what machine learning is all about.

Next up is the fact that (ML) Machine Learning is the learning from existing data whether in written or print form. The data here is the algorithms provided, which gives users results they’re seeking. However, the meaning of AI changes as per the requirements of individual users but it is always a data-driven technology.

Some Interesting Things to Know!

Machine Learning (ML) Model should be kept simple!

As we all know that ML is learning derived from the data provided, we need to keep the model simple to come to appropriate conclusions. If you don’t have enough data to calculate or compute, keeping the algorithms simple will have you succeed the ML technology. So, play around less data for strong outcomes.

Data is What Machine Learning all about!

It is the data that you enter in the machines that machines learn about and derives the results accordingly. This means that (ML) machine learning is not possible without the data. Also, the authenticity of data fed to the machines gives valid results. So, ensure to have a good algorithm rather poor one to make the ML a successful process.

Have Data Transformed Smoothly using ML

Some theories believe that machine learning has a limited option to select and tune the algorithm but in reality, that is not the case. With the increasing interest of companies to hire data scientists ensures the cleansing of data that would help in transforming it smoothly to make it machine learning compatible.

Avoid Creating Biased Loops using Machine Learning (ML)

When we talk about biased loops, we want to draw attention to the fact that ML is an extremely sensitive field and that it can bring in a lot of biases within its model. This means machine learning can sometimes generate a date, which is bias friendly and is likely to affect people’s life. Therefore, be careful while training the new data is mandatory to keep things flowing smoothly.

Listed below are a few applications that enable machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in daily lives:

Speech Recognition 

One of the most popular technologies is “speech recognition.” This enables a software application to recognize verbal language to convert it into the text. The role of the machine learning application here might correspond to a set of numbers that represent the speech signal. What we can do is segment the incoming signals into parts containing different words. By doing so, each part represents the speech signal with the different workforce and time-frequency bands.

Image Recognition

Yet another commonly used machine learning application is image recognition. If you might be wondering what exactly image recognition is, it is the process of identifying and detecting objects/things in the form of digital images and videos. For example, our smartphone comes with the feature of face recognition that allows it to identify the face of a person authorized to unlock the device without having to even touch the screen or feed in the passwords. The example can further be classified into two categories:

Face detection

This feature is usually seen on smartphone consoles and aims at recognizing the face versus no face present. There might be a separate category for each person in a database of several individuals.

Character Identification

Character recognition is an interesting way how computers recognize the alphabets in the written and printed form to change it into texts computer can understand.


When we talk about prediction analysis in machine learning, we simply want to focus on how machine learning and artificial intelligence combine to provide predictive analysis. This means your machine will be focusing on delivering an outcome that would determine the next best action or in case of banks where the probability of any loan is computed to show desired results.


Technological innovations are such that come and go and look out for newer ways to deal with the masses. With the growing interest of companies in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are several prospects of it to be used in various industry verticals that prove to be beneficial to all.

Top 7 Android Apps that Google Insist On Trying

Given the fact that Android is an open-source operating system written in Linux, it has great potential to evolve as an independent technology. Designed primarily for smartphones and tablets the Android operating system evolved gradually without any misses reaching to unimaginable heights in a very short span of time. What we get is a vast platform where one can explore their creativity to come out with user-friendly apps for their daily activities.

Listed below are top 7 Android Apps, which you may find it interesting to use:

# Ablo – Make New Friends & Explore the World


If you like talking to new people or getting along with newer communities around the world interests you, ‘Ablo’ is the app that may keep the fun element rolling. If you’re wondering what the app does, it allows one to know the people from different countries well. Not only you can speak to them in their language and enlighten yourself about their culture at any time of the hour but feel at ease when you’re traveling to their land. Get it right away from the PlayStore and have fun using it as much as you wish to.

# Boosted – Manage your Time Well


Are you always concerned about improper time management that hampers your daily activities? Well, if you do, ‘Boosted’ productivity and time tracking app will surely help you handle such concerns to a great extent. The app not just focuses to keep a track of your work but would give you a detailed analysis of the time spends on each activity and how you can boost it for future performances. All this is tracked using intuitive technology, which gains users deep insight into their daily activities.

# Vedantu – Learning app for classes 6-10


Knowing that e-learning is a booming industry across the globe has brought several learning apps together make the life of children simpler and fun-filled. With ‘Vedantu,’ you can give children aged 6-10 a wholesome educational experience, which stays with them forever. The app focuses on an interactive online tutoring platform, which allows teachers to provide teaching lessons to the students on virtual platforms. The app supported on the Android OS is designed on the virtual learning environment named WAVE, which technology is built in-house.

# MashApp – Post Video Punch lines


MashApp is anything that gives comedians a chance to explore their creative side by posting videos of the jokes or ironical comments and increase their social network. Socializing with humor has become one of the booming industries and with android apps like ‘MashApp’, it is a phenomenal way to maximize the fan following. The app uploads the comic content in the form of short videos and track responses from the followers, which to bond along by giving funny responses.

# Smarter – Brainstorming and Mind Games


If you think regular brainstorming helps you boost your intellectual side then try on the ‘Smarter’ app to give your urge a meaningful start. This app is designed to get you indulged in mind games under a wide range of categories including memory, logic, math, accuracy, etc. among others. Give your memory a brushing by installing the app on your android phone or tabs and get started instantly.

# Appy Weather – your Personal Weather App

Appy Weather

This app will satisfy your urge to check the status of the weather every now and then. It is not like any other app, which gets monotonous with the usual statistics and a boring looking interface; rather it summarizes the weather status for the users in few fun lines that are simple to read and adds loads of fun whilst keeping a track of the weather.

# Swoot – Podcasts with Friends


‘Swoot’ is for all those who wish to get along with friends and watch their favorite shows, seasons, and much more than though podcasting technology platform. The app can be downloaded on smartphones and get started working on it instantly. If you love to stay in touch with your friends and mates, ‘Swoot’ is something that will help you stay entertained right through.

Why Android OS is Preferred More than any other OS?

The prime reason why android OS is preferred is that it allows several apps to run at the same time on android supported devices. The second most important fact is that it allows easy integration of Google products such as Gmail and YouTube to have flexible user accessibility. The android industry is extensive and still evolving every second of the hour to give engineers a platform where they can explore new verticals to create unique apps that are useful for a variety of purposes. So, without wasting any single second download the above-mentioned apps on your android consoles to start using it and experiencing how android industry has taken the world to a toll.


Wearable Technology

Five things you need to Know about Wearable Technology

For most of us, wearable technology might sound a new thing to explore but it isn’t as new as it sounds. The inception of wearable technology happened in the 13th century that invented the eyeglasses to provide a clear vision to those suffering from blurred vision issues due to deficiencies and also to protect our eyes from foreign elements. Even the Nuremberg eggs (the portable and wearable clocks) invented in the 16th century was kind of a wearable device that was worn around necks until wristwatches came into play so on and so forth.

In this article, we would try to enlighten readers about a few interesting things on the wearable technology platform that is evolving every second of the hour to bring about suitable changes in today’s dynamic business environment.

What is the Relevance of Wearable Technology?

After smartphones, wearable technology is the next big innovation. Therefore, it has huge relevance in today’s dynamic technology world. Let us see it this way. Any technological device, which we wear to keep a track of specific things like health, locating routes to make our lives simple and easy, has been relevant in the past, present, and it surely will have relevance in future, provided right approach is taken to promote is benefits. As wearable technology is not restricted to just one kind of industry, it enjoys a great potential to conquer the global market requirements while reaching out to the maximum customers.

Where is it Applied?

Wearable technology is used to run on devices for a wide range of things. These are divided primarily into three industries including health, textiles and consumer electronics and as Forbes contributor Unity Stoakes writes “We’re already seeing sensors that improve quality of life, enable home diagnostics, make virtual health and remote monitoring possible, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Healthcare Wearable Technology  

If you’re aware of wearable tech. devices in this category you know what we are talking about. The health wearable apps have enabled people to keep a track of several things including measuring heart rate, tracking the number of steps, etc. among other features. The devices used in this category include fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Textile Wearable Technology

When we talk about textiles, we focus on innovative clothing that is worn to give an interesting look to the outfit. It is also referred to as e-textiles where a battery or light is embedded in clothes to give impart special effects.

Wearable Consumer Electronics 

One of the booming wearable consumer electronics is seen as implantable devices. These are usually used for medical reasons like tracking contraception, insulin levels, etc. to name a few.

Market Impact

Wearable technology is evolving rapidly with several businesses working around new strategies to incorporate technological innovations in this segment. The wearable technology market has thus shown a rise in the statistics of consumers using these devices over the past few years. It has also enabled the scope of exploration for the engineers to come out with something new. The impact across markets hence has been such that users’ expectations to receive more useful information and better search results on wearable devices to meet their daily ends efficiently and making lives simpler is what is focused upon.

Is Going to Stay?

Of course, it is going to stay until a similar technological innovation surpasses the unique features and advantages of wearable technology. However, there are many speculations about whether wearable technologies stay?  The foremost challenge that one can foresee for the wearable industry is whether it gathers a sustainable customer engagement. It has been observed that many wearable electronics are short-lived due to a lack of customer engagement. The reasons could be anything like a bad quality device, less user-friendly and extremely challenging to sync with the smartphones, reduced battery life, UX issues and not so appealing designs, etc. Now, if we’re able to convince customers for everything that they didn’t like, the future of wearable technology is not fading easily.

Role of Customers 

The role of customers is important in making any technological innovation as a hero. If businesses fail to create impactful devices, which users enjoy wearing and using it daily chances are they wouldn’t positively respond to your creation. But if the wearable device technology or any other technology is strong functionally and physically that caters to the users’ demands and needs, your business model will take no time to reach unimaginable heights to conquer the users, their lives, habits or behaviors.



Digitalize your Business with Top-six Marketing Tools Trending in 2019

While most of the businesses strive to become digital marketing leaders, we leave behind certain loops that could have helped us oversee how extensive and expansive digitalized platform could be to leverage businesses and transform them into brands for a global online presence. If only you knew about how the best digital marketing tools can help you achieve the desired goals, you may have scaled your businesses to the next level altogether.

Nevertheless, if you’re really seeking to make a mark in the competitive business environment and scale your marketing strategy to the next level, following digital marketing tools will help you achieve desired goals:

1 HubSpot – The all-in-one Marketing Tool


HubSpot is one of the most popular platforms to market your brands globally. Bring all the online marketing concerns under one roof and frame a strong marketing structure with the versatile marketing tool that gives hassle-free integrations, round the clock customer support, etc., and an efficient digital platform, etc., to name a few.

If you’re a beginner and wish to market your business without investing too much on the tools, HubSpot offers free tool services to set up the web forms, popup forms, and live chat software to generate leads. Furthermore, the CRM tool can also help you build strong E-Mail marketing campaigns to analyze the visitors’ behavior closely and derive results accordingly.

However, for those who already have a knack of it can opt for the paid services, which involves use of advanced marketing automation that not just manage your content marketing tasks like content creation, social media postings, and tracking E-Mails but enable you to reach out to your potential customers with ease.

2 HootSuite – Stay Up to Date with your Social Network Channels 


With HootSuite’s idea to help businesses stay up-to-date for tracking and managing their social network channels have given them a strong platform to scale their brands to unimaginable heights. This social media manager will allow you to keep a track of all your postings on different social media networks and increase viewership instantly. Create custom views and see how your brand is performing and keep the boat sailing amidst a challenging business arena.

3 Ahrefs – Enables Keyword Research Easy 


When it comes to performing efficient and quality SEO results, one name that rules the digital marketing industry is Ahrefs. It is not just the only powerful SEO tool on the market but a solution that would help businesses become SEO leaders. Refine your keyword search by performing a number of steps if you’re using Ahrefs. These include steps like the backlink and site audits, extracting new links, extensively researching the keywords, validating new keywords, and tracking the existing ones.

Believe it or not, using Ahrefs will only make you an efficient player in the dynamic and highly competitive SEO market.

4 Canva Business – Earn you Top Ranks on the Social Media Platforms


Canvaknown to most us as a web-based design app built to create interesting posts to make graphic designing easier for people. It is, however, one of the top-used digital marketing tools trending in 2019 that has a couple of things in store for the businesses who are struggling to make a mark in the market. While Canva can be compared to the Adobe Illustrator, it is one of the best tools that allow users to drag and drop the pictures, shapes, icons or fonts for creating unique images that speak for your businesses to engage the audiences globally.

5 Google Adwords – Expand your Target Audience 

google adword graph

Try using Google Adwords if you’re serious about making a mark on Google’s search engine result pages. The Google Adwords is a payment model based on two major factors including pay-per-click and pay-per-call. Your Google AdWords accounts would host the Google Keyword Planner that enables users to perform extensive research on keywords that you want to add to the advertisement campaign. Adwords also allow you to set budget caps to limit your expenses.

Those businesses that use AdWords as the prime source of their revenue generation are likely to survive for longer as compared to those who rely on the organic search results. Reach out to the target audience via displaying your products or services on Google’s results pages and get tones of visitors online.

6 Google Analytics – Track Insights and Measure your Advertising ROI   

Google Analytics

Even if you are a marketing genius and are likely to expand your business without Google Analytics knowledge in your kitty, you surely are missing out on one of the biggest things trending in the business world.

Working on Google Analytics platform will have you keep a track of certain things like who is visiting your website, from where and how much time visitors spend on your website, etc. Apart from all this, there is a huge scope of setting up goals to track conversions, create improved e-commerce setup, and track events to review how your viewers behave. Using Google Analytics is by far one of the most important things that any business needs to incorporate in their business models. Not only will they achieve desired goals in set durations but will have an eye to foresee risks, threats, strengths and opportunities for better business prospects

Are you going through a mental block as to which digital marketing tool would make your things smooth business-wise? The listed marketing tools if incorporated in your business model would leverage your brands with a view to gain more viewers and establish a strong online market presence across the globe. It is high time you navigate through each of the tools and make it part of your business model for a brighter future ahead.

Branded Vs. Unbranded Search - Ogrelogic

Branded Vs. Unbranded Search – An Analysis

While we understand how to rank websites for both branded and unbranded terms it is important to first know about the significance of organic search for the marketers. Marketers believe to build a domain authority that helps them capture the share of search online. But is it the only thing to keep everything transparent? Not really. As per statistics, Google conducts approximately 3.5 billion searches daily. However, the challenge comes in when a marketer has to figure out ways about where the customers will most likely to search for unbranded versus branded keywords.


Ranking in the top-notch search engines like Google is no game as it depends on the businesses how well are they educated about the trending SEO techniques. To talk about branded and unbranded searches, both play an important role in any business to play safely while establishing themselves as brands.


Unbranded Search Results find you New Businesses


When we say an unbranded keyword search, we are referring to search terms that do not belong to any established brand. The keywords are used to search for results are generic. For example, a Google search for “Best restaurants with parking Facility” or “Schools with Experiential Learning in NY” would provide potential results earning new business prospects.


As unbranded keywords are observed to show higher search volumes as compared to the branded ones, it is a great chance for budding entrepreneurs to identify their strengths in the form of keywords and sketch strategies helpful to earn you a rank.


Branded Keywords Re-generate Business


Coming to investing in the branded keywords has shown proven results where users know what they are looking for as compared to the unbranded searches that at times go in vain. Therefore, it makes sense to revise your paid search budget and focus on newer strategies that reap monetary benefits.


However, profitable business strategies depend on how you as an entrepreneur understand your customers as they now know what they’re searching for.

Learning Artificial Intelligence

Learning Artificial Intelligence for Brighter Business Prospects

If you’re seeking a business opportunity in AI (Artificial Intelligence) here are a few things that you must consider before getting started.


Your Competitors are Best Examples to Enhance AI Learning Process

You wouldn’t ask your peers directly to learn the basics of artificial intelligence but following the best practices that they’ve been pursuing will help you learn the technology. Search your competitor websites to find how they use artificial intelligence in their businesses. By doing so, you will be able to present a wider picture of how to go about implementing AI in your business model.


Why AI is Essential for Businesses?

AI can prove to be a profit reaping methodology for your business. The foremost use of AI is to improve the quality of communication with customers and helping them with efficient solutions to prosper in the competing business industry. Your AI can monitor the alerts provided for assessing various facets of the state of your business.


Do your Research Well before Exploring and Comparing the AI Vendors

Before comparing the vendors available online, you need to first plan a strategy for your own company and see if AI would fit in your business model efficiently. Following are few things that you should analyze before exploring and comparing more AI options:

  • Check for whether your existing business model is ready to develop new AI based initiatives.
  • Do you have AI proficient developers or experts who can initiate a plan and working AI model?
  • AI implementation requires a lot of time. Check for whether your existing business model has enough bandwidth to commence the AI process efficiently.


Keep yourself Updated of the Future AI Trends

Artificial Intelligence is a wide stream that has been evolving at a rapid pace. So, keeping in line with the upcoming trends including performance improvements, cloud computing, and advances in the AI techniques are important steps that will lead you to become an AI expert in the years to come.

Scale-up Rankings on Search Engines with Voice Search!

Scale-up Rankings on Search Engines with Voice Search!

Talking about ‘Voice Search’ in particular, there are ample speculations as to whether the fledgling technology is here to stay or would merely make a mark in the digital technology world. The views and perspectives are different and so is its understated nature. Taking statistics from the last few years, the use of voice search smart speakers has risen to a whopping 118 million in the US. However, this figure is growing by the day with changing trends in the technology world and an eagerness amongst the general public to access voice search smart devices in a few simple clicks.


Future of Voice Search!

In the current scenario, it has been observed that two in five adults in the US and globally make use of the voice search. As per the data provided by Google, around 20% of the search results come out to be voice searches. This indicates about the fact that businesses too can access potential customers using voice search technology to stay ahead of their peers and enjoy a number one spot in the competitive marketing industry.


Types of Voice Search

Voice search is primarily of two types. One that supports the smart speakers in the form of Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple home and the other in the form of apps for smartphones like Siri by Apple and Google Assistant for android platforms. Enabling search result accessibility with approximately 95% accuracy in the latest voice search consoles while performing daily activities smoothly and efficiently is what voice search environment offers businesses and to the public in general.

The market analysis done by many experts recently claims voice search to be the next generation technology environment that will boost the scalability of existing and new businesses to great leaps and bounds. Until then, let’s explore different realms of the technology vertical to transform it into a revolution amongst the fast-moving and challenging business world.

Services of digital Marketing

Things to Know Before Hiring Services of a Digital Marketing Agency

Every marketing agency works on a simple fundamental thing and that is to generate sales of any business entity. Whether big or small, the focus stays the same for all kinds of businesses. So, if you’re a budding entrepreneur and come across digital marketing agency offering marketing services for your business promotion, here is what you shouldn’t miss to check out on before you hire its services.

#Do your Homework

Researching well before you enter into any bond with a marketing firm is important. A good digital marketing agency would understand your business model before framing the right marketing strategy for its promotion. After all, it is the marketing agency that will take your business to the next level and therefore it should be well versed with all the latest marketing strategies to give businesses all that is required to generate sales.

Working on platforms like content marketing, video marketing or E-mail marketing, and PPC are few out of several areas a digital marketing firm works. If all this and more is taken care of, rest assure your business is in the right hands.

#Get Along with the Marketing Team

To get the maximum from a digital marketing company, get along with the marketing team well. They are the ones who would be responsible for promoting your services and gain a robust online presence. So, frequent meetings with the team would make you feel at comfort with their policies. It would also help the team to understand your perspective as a client while bringing in transparency at both ends.

#Value-for-Money Marketing Services Not Always the Best

Let us explain this with an example. Suppose, you’re business talks about selling mangoes in your area and the digital marketing agency you just hired for business promotion is spreading marketing campaigns in a foreign land where everyone loves to eat apples. What would be the ultimate end result? Obviously, it would be a failed marketing despite offering value-added deals. Bottom line, even if the marketing firm offers value-added services to its customers doesn’t really make it efficient and professional enough to get the desired results for your business.

So, the next time you plan to market your business keep all the above-mentioned points in mind and make the most of it. Happy marketing until then!

Google Ad (Adwords) is Here to Stay - Trends to Follow in 2019!

Google Ad (Ad words) is here to Stay – Trends to follow in 2019!

So, what is that one thing that’s driving Google Ad words to scale up unimaginable heights in the year 2019? Is it the PPC automation? Yes, it is. To a great extent, automation is one trend that is seeking spaces to outgrow its branches across the digitalized environment Google and other search engine biggies are offering its potential users. But how far will it exists despite all the odd peers that it undergoes over human intelligence is yet to experience? In the meanwhile, let’s ponder upon some of the latest trends pertaining to Google Ad words.

Increased Mobile Usage – Optimize Google Ads

Ever since the mobile market evolved our daily lives, e-commerce has diminished a lot of conventional modes of doing businesses across the globe. With mobile usage increasing by the day, the Google Ad words will surely continue to grow amongst the target audience. It not just optimizes your business but earn rewards as well.

Frame Crisp Market Strategy

It is extremely important to understand how well your marketing services are sailing in a highly competitive business environment. The Google Ad word service is sure to stay but it’s not just the only thing that adds to the overall revenue. If you’re an entrepreneur you must be well versed with the several phases of the buying cycle including paid ad searches or videos on Facebook among other such channels that generate the growth of any company.

Relying completely on the Google Adwords may have you lost on potential business prospects. So, have a thorough idea of how you can

Re-engineer Ads for Better Visibility and Greater Revenue Percentages

Studies have proved that if you re-engineer the already existing ad campaigns of your existing or new businesses, chances are that your business will scale up heights in no time at all. It might be an effort for businesses to re-think all over again and invest an ample time for framing a new marketing campaign, but it does work!

Video Marketing – Best Tool for Google Ad Words

With more and more users getting inclined to the video platform, Google Ad words already have its share to conquer the digital media world. It has been one of the best marketing mediums for businesses in the year 2018 and surely one of the best in the upcoming year as well.  What you get is increased CTR, message association, purchase intent, and increased ad recall. So, go for it now!

social media services

This is how social media calculates your video ad views

Video is constantly becoming a big business for social media platforms. When you look at social media giants benefiting largely from video ads – Facebook video ad revenue contributing to 30% of its total ad revenue and Twitter and Snapchat attributing to more than half of its ad revenue to video, you realize the potential that video ads bring to the table.

However, this does not mean that it’s the right time to jump headfirst into video advertising. Lacking basic yet prime knowledge on how video ads work, you will more than likely set yourself up for failure when running video ads.

Let’s Understand Video Ad Views
According to the Media Rating Council (MRC) and IAB, video ad is considered viewable when at least 50 percent of an ad’s pixels are visible on the screen for at least two consecutive seconds. While some platforms have adapted this strategy but there are many more that haven’t done anything about it.

Let us discuss how few major social media platforms count video ad views:

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram count video views for both story ads and in-stream at 3 seconds. But, advertisers are also free to buy video ads on either a CPM basis or ThruPlay basis. Ads running on CPM basis are counted when one pixel of the video ad comes into the view. On the other hand, ThruPlay only charges advertisers when a video ad plays up to 97 percent or up to 15 seconds.

Google and YouTube
Google and Youtube
Ads running on YouTube and Google Display Networks are skippable TrueView ads. These ads only count when a user engages with the ad or watches 30 seconds of the video ad, or the entire duration of the ad if it is shorter than 30 seconds.

Twitter has adopted the MRC standard and it counts ads when 50 percent of the ad is viewed for 2 seconds or more, or when a user engages with the ad.

Snapchat ads are counted when the ad is viewed for at least 2 seconds. Moreover, Snapchat ads run full-screen with sound on.

Linkedin Video Ad views
LinkedIn’s video ad views are similar to Twitter but not exactly the same. For LinkedIn’s sponsored content, video view is counted when 50 percent of the ad is in view for 1 second on desktop and 300 milliseconds on mobile devices.

Knowing this information is crucial as it will help you make informed decisions when bidding for video ads, measuring views, and creating reports. With many social media platforms expanding their bidding options and reporting metrics for video ads, analyzing and comparing results across different social media platforms can be a challenge. This is why you, as an advertiser, need to be aware how each platform counts and charges video ad views.

SEO Services

Conquer the World: New Strategies and Cost Effectiveness in Global SEO

So, you have a business and your business has a website.

Traditional SEO tactics and localized keyword research helps your business rank well online.


But now that you are doing well, you want to expand, don’t you?

You can see a spike in international visitors.

You’re getting customers asking questions in foreign languages.

There are foreign customers asking whether you’ll ship products to their country.

Here’s where it becomes complicated.

Is there a global SEO strategy?

Can a global SEO strategy be merged with localized keyword research and optimization?

Can’t the content be simply translated?

Global SEO strategy can be confusing to say the least!

So, what do you do? What is global SEO and how do you do it?

Global SEO means optimizing your content such that it works for different regions and languages, in addition to optimizing that content for each region’s SERPs. Did you know search results appear differently for different regions?

If you are selling shoes and you have business operations different parts of the world, global SEO would optimize for those regions in their languages.

You would optimize for 靴 Japan, Zapatos in Spain, туфли in Russia and des chaussures in France.

Global SEO Vs. Local SEO

SEO, in general, targets the fundamental factors that help your site and content rank higher on search engines. These factors include site speed, keyword optimization, backlinks, sitemap, UX and schema markup.

Local SEO focuses on your offline presence in a city or country. In addition to the general SEO rules, Google considers customer reviews, local directories and business information networks for local search rankings.

Global SEO targets audiences across the globe. You’ll have to optimize for your audiences’ languages, cultures, behavioral tendencies, local internet regulations and policies in your marketing messages and methods.

Some global SEO tactics that are still general, like translating existing content into a variety of languages. And in some cases, it’s also akin to repeating local SEO over and over, to cover every specific region of interest.


Google is the biggest player overall in the search market worldwide. So, it’s important to know what Google cares about, when it comes to global SEO.

If there’s one word that matters to Google – that’s relevance.

Google has always used on-page SEO, off-page SEO and visitor behavior to measure relevance.

This means you need to pay attention to the unique needs of your global audience. Rather than translating and then pasting content across country pages, see how you can meet each market’s unique needs.

Your best-ranking content in US may be completely irrelevant to your Asian audience.

For example, if you ship and sell an edible product in markets across the world. Then, a subject such as ‘food preservation’ would have a completely different meaning for the always-cold Iceland and the hot-all-year Singapore.


You may have a rocking business in the US but does anyone know you in South Korea?

Maybe not yet.

In new markets, you may have to build your brand from the ground up. You’ll have to invest in building not only brand awareness, but trust. If you have had a few customers in the past from a local market, reach out to them for reviews.


Your identity – business name, address and phone number – is important for search engines. Any inconsistency will confuse the search engines and reduce your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Local SEO

Since each market has unique needs, the more you relevant your content is to the local market and the more Google will be able to see you care.

It makes sense to get listed in local directories, get support from local influencers, and use other local SEO tactics.

Your business stands to benefit a great deal from a global SEO strategy. To learn more about creating your own global SEO strategy, talk to OgreLogic’s creative geniuses and marketing gurus at 512-808-5536.


Target Wider Audience at Campaign Level with Multiple Languages Targeted Bing Ads

Few days ago, Bing Ads made an announcement stating that advertisers will now be able to target multiple languages at the ad campaign level. This is a helpful update for advertisers who are unable to target their audience globally because of language constraints.

Before this update, Bing Ads did support multiple language targeting but was limited just to the ad group level. This means that multiple languages targeting setting had to be carried to different ad groups. Which also means that these ad group settings were not in alignment with Google Ads and thereby, causing issues when those ad campaigns were imported from Google Ads to Bing Ads.

Now, advertisers can set up multiple languages targeting at campaign level, however, the setting can also be set up at ad group level which will override the campaign settings. In order to set up multiple languages targeting at campaign level, you can select any of the 12 supported languages in the campaign setting. You can then go into the ad group settings and select the option to use the campaign setting for language targeting. If you want to change language settings across multiple ad campaigns and ad groups, you can simply use the bulk editing in the web UI.

This is a great update and addition to Bing Ads as it will allow advertisers to target additional languages and users relying on these languages. This will lead to greater generation of impressions and expand reach. Here is a quick tip as this article wraps up, Bing Ads does not translate your ads and recommends to write your ads in the targeting language.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook to Takedown Posts Spreading Misinformation on Voting this Election

The election this fall seems to have captured Facebook’s attention but in a good way. Facebook is waging a war against the ongoing political misinformation being spread across the social media platform. Facebook made an announcement stating that it will be keeping an eye on the most basic form of fake news and take it down that most likely would circulate during the election time.

Facebook specifically mentioned that posts promoting voter misinformation or anything that keeps the voters away from voting booths will be taken down. The company also claimed the term “voter suppression” that any post that prevents or deters voters from voting will be removed.

Facebook’s policy manager, Jessica Leinwand also made it clear that misinformation about voting booths, voting dates and the likes are already against the site’s rules. So, essentially, the company just expanded its already existing policy. With this news, Facebook also introduced a new reporting feature that allows users to report posts promoting misinformation on voting.

This new reporting feature will strengthen the company’s efforts by getting help from its users to clean up fake news on politics. Albeit, this is not the ultimate solution to tackle fake propaganda of voting news but it is an effective method that users can use to report fake voting news when they come across one.

Facebook has already removed a number of fake pages and accounts spreading misinformation on voting and the numbers seem to go up with the incoming effort.

Social Media Optimization

Google Plus to Shut Down after Glitch Compromises 5 Hundred Thousand Accounts

The consumer version of Google+ is going to shut down for next 10 months as stated by blog post published by Google. The decision to shut down the social media platform was made after a security flaw exposed the data of about 5 hundred thousand users.

Google has also stated that Google+ has been experiencing low usage and engagement and about 90% of sessions do not last longer than 5 seconds. However, the company is still planning to keep the service running on enterprise level. Google wants to promote Google+ as ‘secure corporate social network’ and this ironically sounds odd because this announcement was made alongside the new of user data breach.

Additionally, Google also announced the new privacy adjustment it would be making for other services that it caters. There will API changes limiting developers’ access to data on Android devices and Gmail. The company also stated that the consumer version of Gmail will also witness some user data policy updates. This policy will limit other apps and their scope of access to user data.

Google came up with four findings and four action plans to remediate those findings:

  1. The company said that it would face significant challenges in creating and maintaining a successful Google+ product that would meet consumer expectations after the data breach. This is why the consumer version of Google+ is shutting down.
  2. Google also stated that consumers want good control over the data they share with third party apps. In order to accomplish this, Google is going to be launching more granular account permissions that will be showing individual dialog boxes.
  3. Google also made a point that when users grant access to their Gmail, they do so with certain use case in their mind and the company will be limiting the types of use cases that are permitted.
  4. Finally, the company listed that when users grant permissions to SMS, Contacts and Phone Android apps, they do so with a use case in mind. Google will limit the apps’ ability to receive call logs and SMS permissions on Android devices and contact interaction data will be unavailable via the Android Contacts API.
SEO Services

Will Mobile-first indexing change your rankings?

Everyone is talking about Mobile-first indexing and how it will change how sites appear in search results.

To make sense of what is happening, let’s look at the basics of search indexing and ranking and what it means in the context of mobile-first indexing.

Indexing and Ranking – Same or Different?

Search engines perform two tasks – indexing and ranking.

Think of indexing as placing books in an enormous library. So, a search engine indexing robot (read GoogleBot) visits and reads a page and stores that information in its index.

Once this is done, the search engine ‘evaluates’ the information that has been indexed and determines which web pages match the criteria according to the search query and other factors (such as device). Going back to our library analogy, ranking is like the librarian who recommends you titles based on your search criteria.

Will Mobile-first Indexing alter Ranking?

Based on what has been discussed above, Mobile-first indexing refers to the indexing function of the search engine and NOT ranking.

So, mobile-first does not necessarily mean much would change for many websites. All it means is that Google is now preferring to index the mobile version first.

If you are using responsive web design, you have nothing to worry because the content on mobile and desktop versions is most likely the same. However, if the mobile version of your web pages doesn’t match the desktop version, you may face issues.

Let’s take an example to illustrate what it means for websites.

Let’s say a business had kept the mobile content shorter than the desktop version to save mobile visitors the trouble of scrolling through lots of content. Now, mobile-first indexing has shifted the indexing to the mobile version, indexing the shorter-form content. For all search results, Google is now basing its decisions on the content in the index and that is the shorter-form mobile version! Google’s ranking factors are now applied to the shorter-form version which may not be as valuable in Google’s estimation, pulling your ranking down.

What does affect Google’s organic rankings is whether the query is made on a mobile device or desktop. That is partly due to Google ranking factors and penalties for mobile results, such as the intrusive interstitial penalty and page speed ranking. This wouldn’t likely change with mobile-first indexing since these factors or penalties affect ranking, not indexing.

If you are looking for an innovative digital marketing plan or developing a trustworthy reputation with a target audience, talk to Team OgreLogic, the best digital marketing agency in Austin, Texas at 512-808-5536.

SapFix post 1

Facebook : ‘SapFix’ AI debugs your code automatically

Without any prior information or clue, Facebook has built and launched its all new artificial intelligence debug tool called ‘SapFix’. The tool is said to reduce the workload and time that software engineers spend on debugging. This also speeds up the process of rolling out new updates and software.

Facebook said that SapFix is capable of generating fixes for specific bugs and reporting them to the engineers for approval or modification.

Even right now, SapFix has been actively used to speed up the process of shipping stable code updates to millions of android devices using the Facebook app. Facebook has also said that it is now intended to share SapFix with the engineering community and seeing automatic debugging evolve to the next level.

Facebook also stated that SapFix operates as an individual tool and is able to run with our without, Sapienz, which is Facebook’s automated software testing tool.

The concept stated that SapFix is focused toward fixing bugs identified by Sapienz before they even reach production. When Sapienz along with Facebook’s Infer static analysis tool localize a point in code that requires a patch or fix, it is passed to SapFix, which automatically picks a strategy or strategies to generate a patch.

In cases of complex fixes, the tool harvests templates from those created by human engineers while fixing past bugs. Even if SapFix is able to generate a fix, its work is not over yet. The tool generates few other potential fixes and evaluates their quality for 3 issues – compilation errors, if the crash persists and if the new fix introduces new crashes.

If there are any new problems found, SapFix runs already existing developer-written tests and as well as Sapienz tests on the patched build.

When SapFix fully tests the patch, it then sends it to human review for approval.

Google AI post

Google’s Now Playing is now officially called Sound Search

Google introduced the low-power, always-on music recognition feature called Now Playing to the Pixel 2. While developing the Now Playing, the goal that Google primarily had was to create a feature that was small and at the same time, an efficient music recognizer. The feature used small audio fingerprints for each track in the database to recognize the playing song and that too without the need for an internet connection.

What Google later discovered is that not only Now Playing was an efficient feature for on-device music recognizing but it also exceeded the accuracy of their Sound Search feature which was their then-current-server-side system. To those who are unaware, Sound Search was built before the widespread use of deep neural networks. Google reportedly said to have already wondered about bringing the Now Playing feature to their server-side Sound Search to improve the capabilities of Google’s music recognition feature.

The recent version of Sound Search introduced by Google is said to have been powered by some of the same technology that was powering Now Playing. The new feature is easily accessible through the Google Search app or the Google Assistant on any Android smartphone. If music is playing near you, starting a voice query will bring up a pop-up suggestion stating “What’s this song?” which you can press. Otherwise, you can also alternatively ask, “Hey Google, what’s this song?” for a faster and more accurate results than before.

Google also claimed that with Now Playing, they are going to use machine learning to create compact audio fingerprints being able to run entirely on a phone. They also claimed that they already had a good audio fingerprinting system and those ideas when carried over to the server-sided Sound Search system proved to be well.

Google says that there is still room for improvement in the Sound Search feature and they are striving to make it even better in the future.


Pinterest Boasts a Massive 250 Million Active Monthly Users

Last year, September, Pinterest reported to have crossed 200 million active monthly users and it was great news to hear. The same month, this year, the image based social bookmarking site has reported to have reached a milestone of 250 million active monthly users, which again is a great feat.

While sharing the statistics, Pinterest also reported that 80 percent of new sign-ups are outside the USA. Also, 40% of the new sign-ups are men.

Another thing to know is the fact that Pinterest is now becoming an increasingly shoppable platform. Pinterest announced earlier this year that 87% of is users said to have bought a product because it was relevant to the content they were engaging with.

Along with increasing users, “Pins” are also growing at the same time. Currently, there are about 175 billion of them which is an increase of about 75%.

Since the community has been growing at a rapid pace, the company has also begun a hiring more employees at a faster rate. The company has recently hired over 1500 new employees which is a 32% increase from the previous year.

Seeing that 87% of its users do buy things suggests that the visual-based search giant, Pinterest has now become critical to retails’ online sales and marketing strategies. Not only has the platform seen a rise in its active user numbers but consumers are also spending more money while purchasing something from the platform.

The company has also been making efforts to partner with major retail companies. Earlier in March, Pinterest forged a partnership with The Home Depot to increase the social network’s discovery feature called Shop the Look. Similarly, Target has also partnered with Pinterest for visual search.

App Development

Facebook Restore Deleted Cross-Posts After Deletion of Twitter App

Recently, Twitter requested the deletion of its app from Facebook as it became useless when Facebook made a move to remove a feature that allowed people to cross-post tweets and updates from Twitter, Axios and etc.

However, we did not know that just by deleting the app from Facebook could result in deletion of any old posts from users. When this accident occurred, Facebook immediately got in touch with Twitter to get the issue solved. However, it was only the next morning when Facebook made an announcement that it is restoring the deleted content for users.

The cross-posting feature was a really great feature. Many users relied on this feature to maintain their presence on Facebook and continue their discussion with new audience. This deletion meant that users who used cross-posting to engage with their audience had lost years’ worth of conversations, in many cases.

When the issue was resolved and the posts had been restored, Facebook announced that the deleted content was restored and all impacted users can now view their posts and tweets.

However, this deletion was temporary but it rings an alarm in our heads that users are not always in control of the content that they create on social media platforms.

Mobile App Development

Alexa and Google Home won’t take away your regional accent

A recent survey by Life Science Centre in New Castle claimed that about 79% visitors who attended their “Robots – Then and Now” exhibition had to alter the way they spoke in order to be understood by the voice assistants, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana.

These visitors were also reported to having regional British accent and their need to shift their accent in order to communicate with the voice assistants effectively.

It is important to understand that people with non-standard accent will have a harder time to communicate while interacting with smart assistant devices. Another issue people face while interacting with smart speakers is that speech technology seems to favor standard accents.

Even as humans we sometimes struggle to recognize where people are from based upon their accents alone and virtual assistant devices will also take time to gain that familiarity with regional accents.

People are worried that these virtual assistants will take away your regional assistant but we have to be realistic here. Interactions between humans and robots are not that frequent when compared to human-to-human interactions. Since our everyday talk is designed to communicate with other humans, a small change in the way we pronounce or our accents will not change our accents drastically. The only thing we might find ourselves doing more while interacting with virtual devices are raising or lowering our voices or enunciating more.

So, we have to stop fretting now. If you see the journey of virtual assistants to produce language, you can see that they have come a long way already and they will only improve going forward and possibly be able to understand regional accents.

Microsoft’s OneDrive

Audio and Video Transcription Support Coming to Microsoft’s OneDrive

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that the tech giant is introducing new capabilities to OneDrive over the next few weeks and months. One of the most interesting features that Microsoft announced was the native audio and video transcription support. What this means is that the cloud storage service will automatically transcribe the audio and video files that the user uploads.

However, the audio and video transcription capability is limited to the OneDrive for Business. In order to power this automated transcription capability, Microsoft is using the same AI that’s used in Microsoft Stream, which is a video-sharing service for corporate customers.

Whenever a viewer views a video or listens to an audio, a full transcript of the file will be shown in the OneDrive viewer. The viewer supports more that 320 different file types. This feature will also help users search for media based on the content that’s within them.

There is no official launch date for the functionality to be available in OneDrive for Business. We are also not sure if Microsoft will bring this functionality to all OneDrive users.

Bing App

The New Bing App Solves Complex Mathematical Problems

Accept it or deny it, mathematical problems have always been our biggest fears when in school. The complex steps that we followed in order to solve a complex problem only left us overwhelmed. However, today a new app called Bing Search solves mathematical problems within seconds. What a lucky generation! You might think that it is cheating but the app also shows the logical steps that it took to come to the solution of an assigned problem.

The Microsoft Bing Search app has a unique math mode dedicated to solve mathematical problems. The app uses Microsoft’s AI and visual search technology to analyze a picture depicting the math problem and arrives to a solution.

Here are the simple steps that you can take to calculate a math problem using the Bing Search app:

  • Download and launch the Bing Search app for iOS on your iPhone or iPad.
  • When in app, tap the camera icon and select the math mode.
  • Focus the camera on the math problem that may either be on a paper, whiteboard or screen. The app is also capable of scanning printed, typed or handwritten equations.
  • The app detects the equation and calculates the answer within seconds. When the answer is displayed, you can scroll down to see the steps that the app took to come to the conclusion.

Currently, the Bing app is only available in the US and is expected to arrive to Android soon.

CRO Tools

How CRO Tools can Expedite Your Website’s SEO?

CRO or conversion rate optimization can be described as systemic process that uses analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. Conversion rate optimization is geared towards increasing the percentage of people who visit your website to take an action that you desire. For example, fill out a form, subscribe to your newsletter, etc. The process of CRO involves understanding how your visitors navigate through your site, what actions they take, and what actually is stopping them from taking the actions that you want them to take in the first place.

If you have done search engine optimization for a while now, you probably know that optimization of a website never really ends. There is always something more that you can do for your website to make it perform better. As more users begin to engage with your website, you are bound to make some tweaks and changes to the website in order to offer a better user experience or get the desired action taken from your visitors. This is where CRO or conversion rate optimization can play a great role.

How do CRO Tools Help You in SEO?

When you look at CRO and SEO, it can sometimes become hard to determine which one to prioritize when optimizing our website. It is because SEO on one hand helps you drive quality traffic to the website which can then be converted into potential customers. On the other hand, CRO can help you set up a reliable conversion path before you start driving quality traffic to the website.

There are many incredible CRO tools out there on the market that can make your CRO approach toward your website easier and effective. Using CRO tools to optimize your website helps you in the followings ways:

  • It helps you segment the traffic that your website is receiving and convert them into potential customers
  • It helps you find useful insights about your website by analyzing how users are interacting with your website and products
  • With proper utilization of CRO tools, you are able to adjust your budget spending for the purpose of marketing and optimization
  • When CRO tools are implements correctly, it can generate better profits
Mozilla accuses Google

Mozilla accuses Google of the “5X Difference”

Chris Peterson, a Technical Program manager at Mozilla tweeted on July 24th, 2018 that Google’s redesign has made YouTube slower on Firefox and Edge.

“YouTube page load is 5x slower in Firefox and Edge than in Chrome because YouTube’s Polymer redesign relies on the deprecated Shadow DOM v0 API only implemented in Chrome. You can restore YouTube’s faster pre-Polymer design with this Firefox extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/youtube-classic”

Peterson mentioned that YouTube loads only at one-fifth of the speed on browsers other than Chrome, due to its architecture – “YouTube serves a Shadow DOM polyfill to Firefox and Edge that is, unsurprisingly, slower than Chrome’s native implementation. On my laptop, initial page load takes 5 seconds with the polyfill vs 1 without. Subsequent page navigation perf is comparable.”

Peterson also recommended fixes for both, Mozilla’s browser, Firefox and Microsoft’s Edge to revert YouTube to a previous version using add-ons.

He noted that YouTube “still serves the pre-Polymer design” to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11, which launched in 2013 and has been replaced by Edge, and suggests that Google could have taken the same approach with Edge and Firefox.

Although the API is part of a YouTube redesign that was done about a year ago, the problem hasn’t gone away. It also makes users think whether Google is swaying them to use more of its products. This also raises the issue of ‘Net neutrality’.

According to Statista (February 2018), ranked by the share of total page views, Chrome is the most popular web browser while Firefox accounts for less than 5 percent and Edge is less than 2 percent.

Contradicting the tweet, a Google spokesperson replied that there’s no such disparity on the browsers and the overall YouTube performance is the same since the site redesign. Google added that they recently fixed a bug to help improve Firefox performance.

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Website Development Texas

Prefer ‘saying it’ over ‘typing it’?

LinkedIn voice messaging feature

While LinkedIn’s blog says, “Whether you’re responding while walking or multitasking, or need to give an in-depth explanation, voice messages let you more easily and quickly communicate in your own voice with your connections”, to most people it came as a bizarre move!

The feature, however, is incredibly easy to use. Users can record voice messages (of up to one minute) simply by tapping the microphone icon on the messaging keyboard and holding the microphone in the circle. Releasing the microphone icon sends the message while sliding the finger away from the microphone icon while holding it down cancels them.

Zack Hendlin, LinkedIn’s Senior Product Manager, explains why LinkedIn Voice Messaging is a great idea –

  • People speak faster than they type. This means voice messages are good if you want to explain complex ideas.
  • Speaking is easier than typing when you are on the move. You do not have to stop to record a voice message as opposed to typing.
  • A voice message is better than a phone call because it allows recipients to respond when they have a free moment.
  • A message in your own voice allows a more personal connection and effective communication. Your tone and personality are reflected in a voice message but may get lost in translation in written communications.

That said, we are not sure if voice messages are useful for LinkedIn users. On LinkedIn, you don’t have ‘friends’ or ‘followers’, you have ‘connections’. You wouldn’t call up people you don’t know to discuss potential employment, you would rather send that person an email, wouldn’t you?

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Programmatic Advertising

The Truth about Programmatic Advertising

The term ‘Programmatic Advertising’ refers to buying and selling ad inventory using an automated, data-driven procedure. This includes video, mobile, native and display ads.

As programmatic advertising gains momentum among marketers, it is important to separate the truth from the myths. Here is a look.

Programmatic Buying (PB) and Real Time Bidding (RTB) – Different Animal?

In the world of digital media buying, programmatic buying refers to automated ad buying while real-time bidding is a specific mechanism for automatically bidding and buying using an auction format. So, RTB is a part of Programmatic Buying.

Automated bids are placed by advertisers for an impression or ad space. The highest bidder wins the auction and ad space or impression on a particular web page (which is then loaded immediately).

RTB – Low-quality?

There have been cases of suspect publishers supplying the RTB ecosystem with questionable inventory. However, most quality SSPs and DSPs actively work to remove such inventory since it wouldn’t benefit anyone in the long run.

Initially, RTB was a way of earning from unsold inventory. But not anymore. In today’s landscape, virtually every impression is potentially available through RTB. For example, Header bidding allows advertisers to choose impressions at the highest priority and increase their revenue by taking the best price available for any given impression.

Programmatic is a ‘Black Box’?

The lack of transparency in the value chain, inconsistent measurement, ad fraud and brand safety were initial concerns with programmatic advertising. But that was mainly due to the business models offered by companies that offered programmatic buying services.

And that is changing.

With ad platforms, such as Trade desk, announcing AI tools to give marketers clarity on where their programmatic dollars go, the Programmatic Black Box is turning more transparent.

These tools simplify the programmatic buying process and enable advertisers to predict who they can reach, ahead of each campaign. Simplified buying becomes more scalable too as buyers understand how to better allocate spend and assign value.

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Influencer Marketing

Why do Top Brands Invest Heavily in Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing campaigns are the fastest growing thing in digital marketing. Brands are investing heavily in influencer marketing for its incredible benefits, such as follower engagement, traffic, and more authentic content.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing utilizes an existing community of engaged followers on social media, who have influence over an audience or a niche you might be trying to reach and can prove helpful marketing to those buyers.

Do not confuse influencer marketing with celebrity endorsements. While the latter are simply brands hiring celebrities to sell their product or service, influencers’ endorsement of a brand is trusted as more valuable content. Influencers are seen as being selective about the partnering with brands that reflect their unique persona.

To help you understand how brands are using influencer marketing, here is a list of ten great influencer-driven campaigns.

Subaru’s “Meet an Owner

If you wanted to learn more about a car to buy, the best way probably is to talk to an existing owner. That’s exactly what Subaru did with its 2017 Impreza compact. The company knew that the buyers for the new car will be millennials. Since it is known that millennials rely heavily on third-party reviews and word-of-mouth when making a purchase, Subaru connected potential buyers with loyal Subaru owners who loved their cars.

As an influencer marketing campaign, influencers like magician Zach King (@zachking), artist Jay Nelson (@jay) and stuntman Devin Graham (@devinsupertramp), shared videos and posts featuring Subaru.

Since the brand was positioned around the idea of adventure, these bold, adventurous influencers were perfect to engage people with similar interest in pushing forward into new frontiers.

But do not forget that Subaru remained in the background while each of the influencers retained their own style for the videos and posts they contributed. This style of marketing looks more authentic than coming from the brand itself.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty arrived in September 2017, right with the NY Fashion week. The makeup line launch came just at the right time with a breathtaking range of shades for women of color.

The marketing campaign used a celebrity like Rihanna as an influencer to reach specific target audiences across social media. Rihanna (@badgirlriri) influenced other major beauty bloggers and influencers, such as @themsdebdeb@acondria and @kyliejenner which created a stupendous interest in makeup and inclusion.

Sprint #LiveUnlimited

Sprint collaborated with actors, musicians and entrepreneurs to get the eyeballs of a massive young audience.

Sprint’s influencer campaign #LiveUnlimited features influencers like Lele Pons (@lelepons), Prince Royce (@princeroyce), Gerard Adams (@gerardadams), and Rachel Cook (@rachelc00k). Their massive social media presence allows Sprint to instantly connect with their audience since these influencers naturally embody the appearance and lifestyle of #LiveUnlimited.

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Video Marketing

Why Vertical Video Marketing is the Future!

Our phones are built to be held and used vertically most of the time. People hold their phones vertically even when using most social media sites. The only times that one can think about using their phone in landscape view is while watching a really long video such as a movie or while playing a game.

Since people use their phones vertically a lot more than they use it in landscape mode, it makes sense to use vertical videos when it comes to marketing your products or service.

Here are 4 reasons why vertical video marketing is the future:

  1. Our phones are usually made to be held vertically. Today, with bigger and wider screens, viewing a video even in portrait mode allows the user to immerse them in the video. Advertisements that require the phone to be rotated get less engagement from the user. On the other hand, vertical ads are seamless and receive better engagement.
  2. Computers are no longer the platform to get social. Today, mobile has become the greatest platform for social media. Trending social media apps are designed to be used vertically and it is convenient to be used that way. With social media now allowing advertisers to market their products, sneaking your ads seamlessly and in vertical video formats will ensure that you receive better engagement from your targeted users.
  3. The first app that showed the power of vertical videos was SnapChat and soon Instagram followed the similar trend. Recently, WhatsApp and Facebook have done the same thing. More than that, smartphones are also optimizing their device’s screen for better vertical viewing by introducing new aspect ratios and screen sizes.
  4. Vertical videos are more engaging than landscape ones. Since the user is not required to rotate their phones to view the ad, it all looks like a part of the application or the activity that they are doing on their smartphone. This makes the user engage with the ad and not make them feel it like a task.
Digital Marketing

How VR Can Help With Digital Marketing?

Virtual reality is new in the market and combining it with digital marketing can turn out to be unique and pique the interest of your potential customers. So how do you use virtual reality in digital marketing?

  • With virtual reality, you can create a 360 degree video. Videos are one of the easiest ways incorporate VR technology.
  • Develop a VR app and promote branded content. A VR app that offers quality content will make you stand out and make you appear innovative when compared to your competitors.
  • Develop a VR game. Promote your brand with small VR games that encourages people to play games in order to avail discounts, coupons or points.
  • With the powerful VR technology, you can combine it with 4D to take you customers to a different location without leaving their home.

What are Chatbots and how do They Work?

Chatbots are also called conversational agents. They are software applications that text or talk like humans with a purpose of simulating interaction with a real person. There are two ways chatbots are offered to visitors – web-based applications or standalone apps.

Chatbots are becoming a common thing to witness on many websites due to the fact on how easy they have become to create. Today, creating chatbots does not require one to have sophisticated programming knowledge and specialized technical skills.

How Chatbots Work?

Chatbots operate using NLP (Natural Language Processing). NLP is the same technology that forms the basis of voice recognition systems that are used by virtual assistants such as Google Now, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

As a user presents the text to the chatbot, the latter processes the text using complex algorithms in a process called “parsing” where the chatbot interprets what the user has said and determines the response based on this information.

Some chatbots are remarkable and offer very authentic conversation experience. A user would find it hard to tell if they are talking to a real person or a chatbot.

What Else Can Chatbots Do?

Integrating a chatbot to your business website can helps you in the following ways:

  • Help you gain more visitors
  • Generate more leads
  • Close more sales
  • Improve e-commerce

Which one should I invest in – SEO or PPC?

All businesses know they should invest in digital marketing. But many are unsure of which one is better for their website, PPC or SEO.

Before you make that decision, it is a good idea to look at what SEO and PPC means for your business.

SEO: The Basics

SEO or Search Engine Optimization a group of strategies used to make your website rank better on search engines. In other words, you are increasing the likelihood of your website being found online organically. These strategies may include –

  • keyword research to understand rankings
  • integrating more keywords with your on-page content
  • making your site faster and search-engine-friendly
  • adding keyword- and topic-relevant content
  • building high-quality links to your site to establish trustworthiness of your site

An SEO campaign may take time to give results but it ensures that your website consistently ranks higher.

PPC: The Possibilities

PPC or Pay-Per-Click may remind you of ads on the top of Google listings. However, these ads have come a long way over the years. Now they include clickable buttons, extra links, and more.

Apart from the traditional Google ads, there are several other ad choices. You could choose Local Services ads for if you’re a home services provider. Or you could go for display ads to appear on an entire network of websites instead of only Google search results. This will make your ads appear on sites relevant to your industry.

PPC shows results right away once you start funding your ads. It is also flexible since you can spend more to get more clicks.

Which is Better – SEO vs PPC?

While there is no right answer to which of these two types of web marketing is better, here are some steps to help you identify what might be best for your business.

Step 1: What is the goal of your campaign?

Identify what you want to achieve with your web marketing campaign. To do so, ask yourself –

  • What do I want from a marketing campaign? Make a list.
  • Which of these are needed before others? Shortlist the most important things.
  • Can the remaining things be grouped into categories, such as more visitors, more leads, increased conversion rate and so on?

Now, select your primary goals and specify the numbers or rates you wish to achieve, for example, the increase in percentage of conversions.

Step 2: What is the time frame?

Decide a time frame for your campaign goal. Are you looking for immediate results or over the next few months? Be specific.

Step 3: Compare SEO and PPC vis-à-vis your goal

While PPC brings faster results, it stops giving results the moment you stop paying for clicks. On the other hand, SEO starts giving results over a period of time but the benefits last with some upkeep.

Step 4: Design a strategy for your goals

The timing of your goal is an important factor in doing a PPC or SEO campaign. PPC can get you instant results but an SEO campaign may prove more cost effective in the long term.

For many businesses, running both PPC and SEO is a great idea. Kick-start your campaign with PPC and let SEO work as the invisible elf to increase your organic visits. PPC will drive clicks and leads allowing SEO time to take off. As your organic visits go on increasing, you can reduce your PPC spend.

It would be best to get some guidance from an expert before you make a decision between  SEO and PPC or how much to invest in each.

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Custom Website Design

Benefits of Custom Website Design for Your Business Website

Designing a custom website for your business should not be considered as an expense but must be seen as a long-term business investment. In today’s world, having your business’ online presence is crucial for its operation and performance. A custom website design allows you to showcase your brand through custom design elements. This allows you to stand out and feature things that your competitors may not be using on their website.

Here are top 5 benefits of designing a custom website design for your business website:

  • Custom website design makes your website look unique. Starting an online business is not very easy. One should not merely look at placing their business and brand in a template but aim at building a foundation that highlights your business and brand. Your website sells your brand and your brand sells your business. A custom website design can make your website match with your brand.
  • Custom design websites are search engine friendly as it is designed by web design experts. While designing a custom website, HTML experts can implement proven markup that helps in boosting your website’s exposure to search engines and increase page ranking.
  • With a custom website design, you are able to build an optimal structure for your customers and grant a better user experience.
  • A custom website design allows you to stand out from your competitors. You can see the things that your competitors are doing wrong with their website and avoid making the same mistakes on your website. This lets your website to promote your brand effectively and establish a better online presence.
  • A custom website design allows you to tweak or change your website’s design as many times as you want. Forging a better relationship with the experts who help design your website, allow you to reach out to them any time and implement the required changes to keep your website growing and relevant to your business.
Happy Anniversary OgreLogic

Ogrelogic Solutions Celebrates the Successful Completion of Three Years

It is a proud moment for us as Ogrelogic Solutions marks the 3rd anniversary on 29th June 2018. We have come a long way since we started as a three members team. Today, Ogrelogic Solutions is a solid team of more than 75 employees. Along with the celebrations, the cofounders of Ogrelogic Solutions, Mr. Manan Vashisht and Mr. Gaurav Sharma share how the company met new milestones, came across unexpected obstacles and the future vision of Ogrelogic Solutions.

Ogrelogic Solutions was started on 29th June 2015 and today the company has grown to set up its new offices in many countries including USA, and India. “The company started as a simple digital marketing agency and is now moving into the zone of IT consultancy”, stated CEO, Manan Vashisht. He also added, “Ogrelogic Solutions started with the low hanging food of digital marketing, SEO, SMO, web development, mobile applications, and web app. In 2018-2019, we are looking at getting into detailed IT consulting and software development company”.


The biggest challenge that Ogrelogic Solutions had to face was the human resource. At first, we believed this would not be a challenge but overcame it by implementing certain trends.

We Are Unique!

Ogrelogic Solutions is also among the first few companies that registered the company in the US first and then registered the company in India. We brought the concept of “Train the Trainer”, which has been helping new employees to be trained extensively. We always believed that more than sales, retention is important. We put our focus on the delivery part, retention part, and the customer satisfaction part to help us become what we are today and it still remains our key focus. We actively put our focus on ensuring every employee’s growth path in the company. CEO, Manan Vashisht stated, “Every single person in the company for me is a profit unit”. We are also very keen on rewarding and recognizing talented and hardworking individuals. Unlike other companies, when we even promote individuals in 3 months and 6 months based on their talent, maturity, growth prospects, and when the employee brings a lot of revenue. We are also focused on giving our Ogres international exposure and introduce them to other parts of the world.

Ogrelogic Solutions Believes in Youth

We believe in youth, they are young, rearing to go, dynamic, want to develop an identity for themselves. “The ideology behind hiring youths is very simple, we want to train them, they are fresh, educated, have their own ideas, today’s youths believe in the power of social media, and they believe in the power of communication”, explained CEO Manan Vashisht. We keep looking for talented kids and go to different colleges across the country and offer them jobs with handsome salaries.

The Strategy for The Year 2018-2019

We want to work as a dedicated resource management company and get into more technologies”, said CEO Manan Vashisht. Ogrelogic Solutions aims to double up the number of employees and double up the revenues. The company has been successful in doing business in countries such as USA, Canada, and Australia. Now we are looking forward to exposing ourselves to other parts of the world. We are also actively working on our KRA management, SLA management, we are trying to build up the software for our own selves among which one of them is the HR software. The next thing that we are focused on is getting into the products market. We also want to build products for our own self. We want to tap into the healthcare business, financial business, and human resource business in the year 2018-2019.

Mobile App Development

Factors That Make Your Mobile App Successful!

If you are developing a business-specific app, it is important to understand that the success factor of your app entirely depends on what audience and consumers it targets. Nevertheless, there are multiple other important factors that can expedite your app’s success rate and make it a sure winner. Here are the important factors that can make your app stand out amongst the others:

  • A Simple and Intuitive Design

An app that is simple and easy to use has a higher chance of keeping users engaged while using the app. It is no surprise that a user is quick to delete an app that does not provide proper navigation and begins looking for better alternatives. This is why it is important to keep the app simple and easy to navigate which also directly helps in gaining customer trust.

  • Offer a Better Mobile-Friendly Experience

Humans have a tendency to get attracted to things that offer them great comfort. The same is true for mobile applications. Apps that are fast and respond quickly are much likely to gain user acceptance. This is why it is important to focus toward building apps with a user interface that is easily understood by common people.

  • Quick Load Times

If there is an app that takes a long time to load, it much likely is to be counted among the pile of failed app developments. Since smartphones today are backed with powerful CPU and RAM, it should not be that difficult to maintain the ideal load time of 15 seconds for an app.

  • Screen Size and Position

Today, smartphones come in bigger screen sizes and allow app developers to play around a little bit more while placing app related elements on the screen but a bigger screen size is also a knife with no handle. The more room you have to place the stuff, the higher are the chances of placing unnecessary stuff. So make sure to effectively use the screen size while place app elements.

  • Flawless Performance

Developers must ensure that the app and all its functions perform flawlessly before it is out on the market. Apps that are unique and offer powerful performance have a higher chance of standing out on the market.

  • Implement Off-line Elements

People find apps resourceful if they are able to perform even when not connected to the internet. This also ensures a user’s loyalty and continued usage.

  • Social Media Integration

If you want to make your app profitable and self-sustainable, integration of social media is a must. With social media integration into an app, users are able recommend and share app activities on various social networking sites. Social sharing can help in increasing the app’s visibility and gain acceptance among the people.

  • Impeccable Design

Last but not the least; design plays a crucial role when it comes to mobile app development. An app should be designed in a way that it looks exclusive. The app should be modern and must be laid out with high-definition graphics.

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Google to Remove ‘Secure’ Labels on HTTPS Sites from September, 2018

Chrome is the world’s popular browser, thanks to the frequent security and stability updates that Google keeps launching for its application. If you are a consistent Chrome user, you must have noticed how Google indicates HTTP and HTTPS sites as secure and not secure. However, with the release of Chrome build 69 in September, 2018, Google will stop labeling HTTPS sites as ‘secure’. Google believes that this should be the default state for secure HTTPS websites. From September, 2018, Google will begin marking HTTP sites with a ‘not secure’ label when you enter data on HTTP sites.

If you are not aware, more than half the internet today uses HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS protocol encrypts data in transit and this secure connection prevents man-in-the-middle attacks and keeps your data safe from prying eyes.

secure Label

With the release of Chrome 70 in September, 2018, Google will take another step towards changing this grey ‘not secure’ label to red in color. However, the label will only change to red color when you begin entering data on the HTTP page.


Facebook – Best Practices or Back to the Basics?

Despite recent controversies, Facebook continues to be one of the most valuable social media resources, worth leveraging for many more years.

Facebook marketing has come a long way. Facebook marketers are constantly being challenged to increase followers, engage potential buyers, generate leads, and ensure that the business benefits from this platform, in the wake of all the algorithm changes and other surprises Facebook continues to tease us with.

Is there a formula to succeed on Facebook?

We need to get back to basics to answer this question. Here is a look at the best practices, your business needs to master on Facebook, to help you create the right strategy and marketing approach.

Know Your Audience Demographic

Facebook insights can help you understand your audience demographic. You can then build content and advertising for the ones, most likely to engage with and benefit from your product or service.


Not only engaging, but keeping your audience’s attention is vital. ‘Keep it Short and Sweet’  is the mantra here. Remember that your Facebook content is to educate, inform and entertain your audience to increase brand engagement and conversions. Rather than maxing out on the character limit, let the images and videos do the talking. Keep the hashtags at bay.


Whether you are posting some content or responding to a customer, you should be able to engage them with what you say. Ask open-ended questions, post fun live videos about trending topics, and let your audience know you are there. Be social yet precise on social media.

Dare to Show

The audience is not interested in run-of-the-mill content now. Taking chances on social is the approach, leading brands are making, to differentiate themselves. Giving users a sneak peek, into what your business is all about, humanizes their online interaction with with your brand. This can kindle intrigue and hence, their interest in your brand, for instance, live chats and behind-the-scenes moments exclusive to your brand.

Paid Advertising

Despite all the changes Facebook is making, paid advertising continues to a highly advantageous as well as measurable forms of digital marketing. As of the fourth quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2.2 billion monthly active users. One can only imagine the chances it gives you to develop brand awareness and loyalty and awareness, leading to customer acquisition and conversions.

All this points to a clear Facebook success formula – know your audience, keep your message short and sweet, engage your audience, experiment with going live and behind-the-scenes streaming, and Facebook Ads – that allows you utilize the immense power of Facebook.

Use these best practices to create and post content that your target audience can connect with on a more personal level than ever before.

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Latest Web Design Trends You Can’t Ignore

From movie-style experiences to bolder colors, web designers are in a new mood this spring-summer. Warmer months ahead already seem to have inspired designers to be brighter and bolder. Here are the top 3 upcoming trends in web design that are here to stay.

Movie-Style Homepages

Full-screen homepages with oversized images and videos have been around for some time but this trend is now moving towards a more movie-style feel.

These poster style homepages are a unique mix of minimalism and rich styling. The right visuals and text can make your poster-style homepage engaging, with enough room to send the message across to your target audience.

A word of caution – Without elements, such as navigation or CTA buttons, users could get confused and abandon the website. While you focus on visual appeal, do not forget to give users something to do.

Bold Color Palettes

Purple was not a favorite till this year when designers discovered the versatility and engagement quotient of this vivid color. Dramatic and provocative Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet has been named color of the year. No wonder purple hues are everywhere.

While not all are using the same deep, dark purple, suddenly everyone’s attention is towards the red-blue palette.

Check with your designers at OgreLogic, the leading custom web design and development company in Arkansas, how you can use purple hues for your website design.

You can choose from several purple options. The color can be more on the reddish side for a moody feeling, or bluer for a great first impression. Try deep, saturated shades for a dramatic effect or pale and muted for an ethereal feel.

Gradients and Text

Can’t forget the text, can we?

Flat design started changing bit-by-bit and gave way to gradients. But if you thought gradients are only meant for backgrounds and photos, check again. Designers are now using gradients to emphasize text elements. From pretty subtle to extremely vibrant, gradients are a fun new way to spice up the text in your movie-style homepage design.

Bottom Line

You can’t ignore these trends in your website, can you? Especially since each of these web design trends is already showing staying power. You may like the full screen, poster style, the purple color palette, the gradient or all of them. Regardless of what you finally select, it is worth checking out which one suits your brand and the message you want to send out.

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