When SEO is implemented on your business website, you are more likely to appear in the search results of your targeted audience. Similarly, SEO can be equally powerful when it comes to generating potential leads. SEO works by promoting specific keywords that are related to your business. Whenever, a user searches for these keywords on a search engine such as Google, your website will show up in the top search results. This in turn, will drive more traffic (potential customers) to your website and business.

SEO and lead generation are two important aspects of reaching your targeted audience or customers online.

Many businesses understand the importance of SEO for their business website. Many may think that SEO only helps with the site’s overall visibility and “searchability” but there are many more things that SEO can do for your website. Quality SEO has the power of hitting two birds with a stone. Quality SEO makes your website easy for the users and search engines to understand. SEO can help search engines to figure out what your website is about and how it may be useful to your users.

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SEO is vast and depending on what the nature of your business is, you can implement one of these different SEO types.


SEO or search engine optimization is an important part of any online business with a website. OgreLogic offers cost-effective SEO services in Austin, Texas for all types of businesses and brands. SEO can bring your website on the first page of Google search results. This is especially important considering that 90% of users usually consider the top 10 search results on Google when they search for something. If your website is not already visible on the first page when searching for your business or services, you may want to give SEO a shot.

Enterprise SEO

Hearing the term, Enterprise SEO, most people might think that it is an SEO strategy for bigger companies. In reality, Enterprise SEO has nothing to do with how big the company is but how many numbers of pages you have in your website. If your website has 1000 or more pages, it can be categorized as an enterprise site. The major role of enterprise SEO is to review search data and trends and use the information collected to provide actionable advice for all other members of the marketing team geared toward search engine visibility. At OgreLogic, we can run enterprise SEO on your business website and help you meet your SEO goals.

Local SEO

Many customers use local search to find businesses in their area and it is where local SEO can be of great help. Like other SEO strategies, local SEO is an effective strategy to market your business online locally. This SEO strategy helps businesses and brands to promote their products or services to local customers. Local SEO uses different strategies to accomplish the goal such as getting your site ranked on Google, business directories like Yelp, Superpages, Foursquare, Yellowbook, Bing Places for Business, Google My Business listing, localized content on your websites, online reviews, and etc. If your business is designed to target local customers, OgreLogic solutions can help boost your business’ reach, marketing and sales by implementing Local SEO on your website.

SEO Audits

SEO audit is essentially the analysis of your business website that is based on factors that are important to the search engines in terms of organic search results. However, SEO audit also focuses on the technical aspects, off-page and on-page elements to determine issues, opportunities and recommended fixes. All in all, an SEO audit determines how search engine friendly is your website in a number of areas. OgreLogic helps to enhance your website’s search engine ranking by conducting an SEO audit. While getting your website SEO audited, you can expect a description of the current state of your website, list of actions based on the SEO audit checklist, and a report describing the internet marketing strategy for taking advantage of all available traffic sources and opportunities on the internet.

Free Seo Audits

Want to know how your website is performing on the search engines? OgreLogic can help determine how search engine friendly is your website with free SEO audit. With SEO audit, we check your website against a checklist and come up with recommendations that can help improve your website’s performance in search engines. After conducting the SEO audit, we come up with a report that is crucial to improve your website in various areas and ways. Book a free SEO audit for your website today!

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Our Seo Process

SEO becomes an important digital marketing method when it comes to increasing and expanding your website traffic and reach respectively. However, knowing how to implement SEO to your business website makes all the difference.

SEO and Lead Generation


You cannot plan a campaign for your business without researching about what your audience is looking for. Knowing what terms and phrases your target audience is searching for on the search engines, allow you to put your best foot forward and begin utilizing the power of SEO.

Search Engine Optimize


SEO helps in optimizing your business website by implementing methodology of strategies, tactics, and techniques that help increase your website’s visitors by reaching high-ranking placement in the search results on the search engines.

SEO Content Service


Content is king and it is especially true today. Creating fresh and original content leveraged by powerful keywords can make your business website stand out from the competition. To improve your website’s SEO, you must ensure that you are updating it with fresh content with relevant keywords regularly.

SEO Keywords


SEO is a game of keywords. Keywords are essentially the phrases that users are looking for on the search engines. SEO leverages these keywords to make it possible for users find your website via search engines. Knowing what keywords to look for can make your search marketing campaign a winning effort.

SEO Marketing

Earned Media And links

Earned media and links are the vehicle that helps users to reach your website. Earned media can be described as an online word of mouth, which is usually seen in forms of mentions, reposts, shares, recommendations, reviews, or content picked up by 3rd party websites. A strong way to drive earned media is by combining the results of strong organic rankings and content distributed by your brand.

SEO and Lead Generation


SEO testing allows you to find out which SEO strategy works best for your business. SEO testing allows you to find which landing pages drive higher conversion rate.

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