Social Media Marketing

Today, social media has become a powerful tool in many businesses’ arsenal. It is helping them reach and engage with their audiences. Businesses that are not already using social media have no clue on what they are missing out on. However, it’s never too late to make use of social media and get hold of the opportunity to reach new leads and grow your business.

Social media marketing and management play a crucial role in timely delivery of your content to your targeted audience.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are multiple things that have to work in unison to generate the desired result. It is especially true when it comes to promoting your business through social media platforms. Today, there are multiple social media channels with large and wide array of audiences. When you begin promoting your business across multiple social media channels, it necessitates social media management. Social media management is not just posting timely posts on these channels but it goes beyond that. Social media management includes engaging with audience, finding opportunities to increase your reach and visibility. At OgreLogic, we adopt a streamlined and effective social media management strategy for your business and ensure that your social media presence across all channels is in a reputable state.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essentially using social platforms to promote your service or product.

Social Media Marketing

A successful social media marketing campaign involves incorporating using efficient social media marketing methods, social media management and social media design. Today, social media is able to provide almost all information that the user is looking for. Your potential customers usually find their way to your business website through your social media pages. Having a social media account or page for your business is crucial if you want to funnel quality traffic through social media. At OgreLogic, we can help drive quality traffic to your business website by leveraging the power of social media in every way possible.

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our Plans

We offer different plans that meet the needs of different customers. From basic to enterprise, we do it all.


Who is this plan for?

Companies that are new to inbound marketing, that may have a limited budget and are looking to grow by 5-10% per quarter.

Monthly Plans Starting At:


Upto 3 Platforms


Who is this plan for?

Small sized companies, that have done minor digital marketing in the past, looking to grow by 10-15% per quarter.

Monthly Plans Starting At:


Upto 4 Platforms


Who is this plan for?

Medium sized companies that need to outsource their inbound marketing functions and want to grow by 15-25% per quarter.

Monthly Plans Starting At:


Upto 6 Platforms


Who is this plan for?

Enterprise level companies with an aggressive growth goal of 25%+ per quarter and need external professionals to help them.

Monthly Plans Starting At:


Custom Platforms


Choose what services you want and only pay for what you want.






Social media profiles creation & setup

Paid ads for 3 months on 1 social media channel

Paid ads for 3 months on 2 social media channel






Growth in Facebook fans






Creating awareness about the products/services

Quality content creation and designs on all platforms

Communicate about new launches, offers & promotions

Build a strong fan base on the social media platforms

Engagement with the audience

Response to queries & complaints

Growth in Twitter followers

Monthly Analytics reports

Access to monthly social media calendar

Social media hygiene

Growth in Pinterest followers

Pinterest boards creation

Target competitors

Cover and banner image creation of all social media channels every alternative month