Emerging Technologies

The advancement in technology only allows businesses to access vast data stores to gain insights into their customers. This business environment is moving rapidly and one has to evolve with it or be at risk of left behind. At OgreLogic, we stay toe-to-toe with evolving and emerging technologies to develop exceptional mobile applications that meet your business demands.


Emerging Technologies are disruptive and have the potential of altering business and social environments.

Emerging technologies are those that are a work in progress and are expected to be built in next five or ten years. These technologies include information technology, communication, wireless data communication, man-machine communication, on-demand painting, biotechnologies, and robotics.

It is also perceived that emerging technologies significantly increase business efficiency, productivity and overall profit. As many businesses are adopting digital technologies, the means through which customers interact with companies has changed drastically. Just with a touch of a button or a voice command, a user is able to accomplish a lot of tasks.

Emerging Technologies

Powerful Emerging Technologies

Using emerging technologies can lead in transformation of your business into an effective and competitive one.

Wearable Devices

Blockchain Development

Chatbot Developments


AI and Machine Learningt

IOT App Development

Cloud Solutions

Why Adopt Emerging Technologies

IoT sees a continuous increase in adoption. Many businesses have been benefiting from IoT use. Delving into emerging technologies can help your business create a far-ranging impact.

Emerging Technologies

Why Emerging Technologies?

Emerging Technologies can be explained as those that are ready for market, but not yet adopted by many businesses. At OgreLogic, we actively invest in “new” technologies, evaluate their potential, and develop best practices. Doing this, allows us to close the gap between research and production solutions.

Emerging Technologies

Gain technological advantage

New technologies bring new tools to the table and allow for more efficient processes. We help you to identify the areas of improvement, choose right methods, and implement new and better solutions.

Emerging Technologies

New business models and markets

Technologies that bring a change in the entire industry are the ones that are disruptive. Emerging Technologies are disruptive. We are always on the lookout to explore entirely new business models and market.


Implementing Emerging Technologies in your business requires a step-by-step approach that leads to reach desired results or discover areas of improvement.

Technology screening and selection

We stay up-to-date with new technologies. We are actively investing in technologies that display high potential. We constantly in lookout for new technologies via funded projects, PoC, implementations, etc. Once a technology is proven, we adopt it.


Get inspired!

We demonstrate to you what Emerging Technologies are capable of. This is proven with Poc implementation, show cases, or reference projects. In many cases, emerging technology pave paths for new business models. We show new opportunities and chances.


Potential Value

When considering your situation, we analyze how your business can benefit from new technologies. This involves requirements engineering, business analysis and other things. This result in coming up with concrete ideas for innovative projects you can undertake.



When implementing new technologies for you, we present feasible prototypes. Our goal here is to verify that you will benefit from our planned innovation, as soon as possible. This leads us to minimize risks, future efforts and explore possibilities.


Production Readiness / Scaling

When a new solution has been evaluated and verified, we begin implementing it into your product. Following cloud-native development principles allow us to easily scale your requirement up to your demands.




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