Wearable Devices

At Ogrelogic, we aim to design, develop, and deploy custom applications, which cater to the wearable platforms on Android and iOS. We take your wearable app idea a step ahead and make it run on the popular consoles like smart watches, fitness trackers or wearable glasses, and GPS tracker chips, etc. among others. 

Wearable App Development Services Offered

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iWatch App Development

  • Our developers are skilled to develop apps compatible for your iWatches.
  • Create a better user experience.
  • Work on various projects suited to the niche customers.
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Android app development

  • When it comes to dealing with Android wearable devices, the user base is as strong as the iOS market.
  • Our developers consistently design and develop apps for the user market that is android centric.
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Google Glass app Development Services

  • Our out-of-the-box Google glass app development services have enabled customers to ake smart choices and have our skills to provide you with the desired outcomes.
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Testing Applications to make Wearable Devices Compatible

  • We hire a team of skilled testing engineers who test the developed apps for any bugs.
  • Running mobile modules by creating a simple activity with an Edit Text field and a button.
  • The test messages are sent using Edit Text button to check if they are sent properly on the wearable devices.

What Businesses do we cater to?

Knowing the fact that the wearable device industry is extensive and is evolving every second of the hour, our experienced SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) leave no chance to give your wearable development app model just the right head-start that was much needed. Our forte include

Wearable Healthcare App Services

  • We bring to you quality health app services to help you track your body while you’re at work, at home or doing physical training at the gym.
  • Our skilled app developers are experts in developing unique apps in this category and would help you meet goals within specific timeline.
Wearable Devices
Wearable Devices

Wearable Textile App Development Services

  • If you’re running a textile business and intend to get an app developed, which could maximize the number of users, we will get it done for you.
  • Our textile app development services will help the users to access endless options like fabric textures, styles and color schemes on the smart watches.
  • Wearable textile apps help your customers make smart decisions while shopping online from your portal.

Wearable Consumer Electronic App Development Services

  • Creating brand new apps for wearable devices in this category that are Android and iOS compatible have enabled businesses to streamline their processes and enhance efficiency to explore newer technologies.
  • If you’ve got a wearable device app requirement we bring to you some of the best app development solutions to help build a robust business model in the wearable device market.
Wearable Devices

Ogrelogic’s Motto

Customers Satisfaction Remains Top Priority

  • Delivering high-quality standards remains our utmost priority to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Agile Methodology Followed

  • We focus on the agile methodology to sync with all the teams for quick integration and timely deliveries of the processes.

Increase Businesses’ Awareness on Wearable Device Platforms

  • Enabling businesses to function on wearable device platforms to reach out to the maximum customers.
  • Focusing on the integrated, seamless, and multi-functional approach to target larger audience.
  • Helping to build applications and making them run on multiple wearable devices like Apple’s iWatch or Samsung’s Smart Gear efficiently.
  • The rapidly evolving wearable technologies have prompted us to help businesses achieve milestones to meet the daily lives of the people and to establish themselves as brands in the wearable technology industry.
Wearable Devices



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