4 Great Digital Marketing Strategies That Worked

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In this blog, we bring you the top 4 companies with the best online marketing campaigns that rocked.


Uber started only 8 years ago but it feels like they’ve always been around. They have grown mostly through word-of-mouth marketing, which has a very high conversion rate. Uber offers incentives for users to act as brand ambassadors by giving referral codes to their friends in exchange for free rides. By bringing together a service that saves you time, makes transportation easier and cost-effective and the powerful referral system, Uber has made the most of its digital marketing strategy.


Zappos has set amazing standards in online customer care. Apart from a365-day money back guarantee, they offer free shipping (sale as well as return/exchange). At the same time, Zappos invests heavily in digital marketing. Such policies are so popular that buyerstalk about the company in a positive light in a completely organic (and, of course, viral) manner. And according to Nielsen, 84% of customers make purchase decisions based on recommendations from their friends.So you have a winning formula!


The financial tracking tool Mint took has proven that it’s possible to carve a niche successfully through well-executed digital marketing strategies. Mint’s commitment to putting out highly valuable content is amazing – from informative blog posts to instantly-going-viral infographics. As the result of its digital marketing efforts, Mint amassed a huge online following before Intuit bought it for $170 million!


Many companies have online communities but AMEX has truly leveraged the value of online conversations by industry experts on its Open Forum website. Guest authors are invited to share business expertise. As a result, AMEX gets a content-rich site,a search engines’ favorite, without emptying its pockets to pay content contributors.

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