Add 5 Things To Your Homepage To Make It More Effective

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Your homepage is the first impression your customers get when they reach your website. First impression may not be last but they are always lasting impressions. It’s important your website gets the traffic and filter that traffic into leads and finally customers. Here are a few essential elements that you can add to your homepage to make it more effective and drive traffic and sales. Leading web design companies, such as OgreLogic in Texas, can help you incorporate these elements so that you have a winning website.

Hero Image

Your homepage’s hero imageis a large banner image, placed prominently on the homepage page, right in the front and center. It is the first visual a visitor comes across on your site. You can use it to present an overview of your site’s content and message. Thebanner image would typically include an image and text and it can be both static and dynamic. The hero image banner draws the users and hence it should be a perfect description of who you are, what you do, and what you can do for the user. This can go a long way in engaging the visitor and finally driving sales.


Many potential customers are still very cautious about shopping and making payments online, or entering their personal and financial information on the web. Additional information about your brand, what you do, your products and services helps you build trust with potential buyers. Supporting information can consist of:

  • Benefits of your product/service
  • Who you are
  • Affiliate logos
  • Social proof
  • Reviews/Testimonials
  • Success Indicators


The majority of your visitors may not be ready to buy/sign up with you. Ensure that your homepage includes information on how users can navigate your site to learn more about your product/service. This not only helps them learn more about what they are looking for and helps you establish credibility with them.


A secondary call to action can be added to give the user an option to buy or engage with the site in case they weren’t interested before but now they are.

Clear Navigation

Your visitors should have a clear path to where they are headed from the homepage. Complex navigation can deter visitors from going ahead and abandoning your site altogether. If you want to showcase products and services, ensure they are easily visible and accessible. Convenient navigation can reduce decrease bounce rates.

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