Are you Still Using Your Homepage Instead of a Landing Page?

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If you’re wondering why anyone should use a landing page when you have a perfect homepage, this blog is for you.

Focus, Focus, Focus

You need a landing page if you are running a PPC campaign, promoting a product or service through social media and SEO or writing guest posts on 3rd party blogs. Each of the above actions has a specific goal, such as purchase, subscribe, download or view, comment and share. If you’re sending people to your homepage, think again. You actually need a focused landing page dedicated to the specific action you want people to take.

One Target – Conversion

A person reaching your website can take one of several possible paths. But a landing page directs your visitor’s focus exactly on converting them to the action you want them to take. Let’s take for example, if you are running a PPC ad for a cleaning service, and the ad offers a discount on the first service, taking the visitor to a generic web page will defeat the purpose. They may hit the back button or get distracted and finally leave without doing anything, making you lose a potential customer. On the other hand, a landing page shows the visitor exactly what brought him/her there. It is like fulfilling a promise. You can put the specific details of the offer (as in above example) or any other desired action that explains the offer along with its benefits, taking them to a clear CTA.

You Can Test a Landing Page

If you want to convert visitors into buyers, you need an increased conversion rate. With a landing page, you can create different versions and find out which one converts at a higher rate. It is not possible to do this on your home page.

No Distractions

Your homepage has lot of information and several paths visitors can choose from, distracting them. A landing page has no distractions of the home page.

Different Versions For

  • Different Ads

In a PPC ad, you often target different keywords, messages, and products. With landing pages, you can create different versions for each ad. You can have landing pages for each but not different versions of your home page.

  • Organic Search

If is better to have unique landing pages for each keyword if you want to target specific keywords for an SEO campaign, such as keywords in the URL, page synopsis and those in the body of the landing page. On the other hand, your home page contains too many competing keywords. This dilutes the effect of each keyword. Remember to take visitors to a landing page, instead of your home page, the next time you run a PPC ad or a social media promotion.

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