Five things you need to Know about Wearable Technology

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For most of us, wearable technology might sound a new thing to explore but it isn’t as new as it sounds. The inception of wearable technology happened in the 13th century that invented the eyeglasses to provide a clear vision to those suffering from blurred vision issues due to deficiencies and also to protect our eyes from foreign elements. Even the Nuremberg eggs (the portable and wearable clocks) invented in the 16th century was kind of a wearable device that was worn around necks until wristwatches came into play so on and so forth.

In this article, we would try to enlighten readers about a few interesting things on the wearable technology platform that is evolving every second of the hour to bring about suitable changes in today’s dynamic business environment.

What is the Relevance of Wearable Technology?

After smartphones, wearable technology is the next big innovation. Therefore, it has huge relevance in today’s dynamic technology world. Let us see it this way. Any technological device, which we wear to keep a track of specific things like health, locating routes to make our lives simple and easy, has been relevant in the past, present, and it surely will have relevance in future, provided right approach is taken to promote is benefits. As wearable technology is not restricted to just one kind of industry, it enjoys a great potential to conquer the global market requirements while reaching out to the maximum customers.

Where is it Applied?

Wearable technology is used to run on devices for a wide range of things. These are divided primarily into three industries including health, textiles and consumer electronics and as Forbes contributor Unity Stoakes writes “We’re already seeing sensors that improve quality of life, enable home diagnostics, make virtual health and remote monitoring possible, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Healthcare Wearable Technology  

If you’re aware of wearable tech. devices in this category you know what we are talking about. The health wearable apps have enabled people to keep a track of several things including measuring heart rate, tracking the number of steps, etc. among other features. The devices used in this category include fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Textile Wearable Technology

When we talk about textiles, we focus on innovative clothing that is worn to give an interesting look to the outfit. It is also referred to as e-textiles where a battery or light is embedded in clothes to give impart special effects.

Wearable Consumer Electronics 

One of the booming wearable consumer electronics is seen as implantable devices. These are usually used for medical reasons like tracking contraception, insulin levels, etc. to name a few.

Market Impact

Wearable technology is evolving rapidly with several businesses working around new strategies to incorporate technological innovations in this segment. The wearable technology market has thus shown a rise in the statistics of consumers using these devices over the past few years. It has also enabled the scope of exploration for the engineers to come out with something new. The impact across markets hence has been such that users' expectations to receive more useful information and better search results on wearable devices to meet their daily ends efficiently and making lives simpler is what is focused upon.

Is Going to Stay?

Of course, it is going to stay until a similar technological innovation surpasses the unique features and advantages of wearable technology. However, there are many speculations about whether wearable technologies stay?  The foremost challenge that one can foresee for the wearable industry is whether it gathers a sustainable customer engagement. It has been observed that many wearable electronics are short-lived due to a lack of customer engagement. The reasons could be anything like a bad quality device, less user-friendly and extremely challenging to sync with the smartphones, reduced battery life, UX issues and not so appealing designs, etc. Now, if we’re able to convince customers for everything that they didn’t like, the future of wearable technology is not fading easily.

Role of Customers 

The role of customers is important in making any technological innovation as a hero. If businesses fail to create impactful devices, which users enjoy wearing and using it daily chances are they wouldn’t positively respond to your creation. But if the wearable device technology or any other technology is strong functionally and physically that caters to the users’ demands and needs, your business model will take no time to reach unimaginable heights to conquer the users, their lives, habits or behaviors.  

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