Make The Most of Your Existing Content

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Content marketing does not just mean churning more content by the minute and throwing it on social media. Content has been here for a while. Think about how much content you have already created in blogs and articles. Since you have created so much already, it makes sense to bring it out, dust it and polish it for different formats and send it back again for a successful second round. Plus it saves you money on new content creation!

Here are a few ideas from one of the top content marketing companies in Austin ,

OgreLogic, on how you can reuse your existing content to your advantage.

Repurpose Existing Blogs

Pick up several blogs that talk about related concepts or topics and combine them into a relevant article, especially the ones that didn’t get many views or shares, the less read ones. You could create lists, tips and guides that provide valuable content to your readers. Adding links to each topic in the guide can provide you different ways to promote your content.

Turn Words into Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Convert the existing content into visually appealing infographics, slide shares or a picture album with tips/headings (as captions) and links to long-form content. Tools like Canva caninstantly turn written content into bite-sized visuals. Add video content to posts. Or you could do the opposite. Transcript podcasts and webinars with quirky headings to create written content instantly.

Follow Trends

Take out several articles or blogs where you had spoken about an upcoming trend.

Compare it to what is actually happening. Update with new information and data that would be of interest to your readers. Updating old content can also increase the traffic you obtain from organic SEO and the leads you generate on those posts.

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