The Hottest Web Design Trends in 2022


It’s 2022 and time to look into the web design trends you can expect to see this year. What designs and UI trends should we consider to keep our websites fresh and modern for our audiences? Let’s look at some of the top web design trends that started emerging last year and will continue to dominate this year, and some other designs that are about to quickly gain popularity.


Who doesn’t need a ray of sunshine in the post-pandemic world? This could be the reason why designers are creating fun, optimistic designs this year. You too can some inject fun and optimism into your website design by using happy faces, lighter fonts, and colors that project positive emotions. Pay attention to overall imagery and look for faces that can website visitors can connect with. And don’t forget to be inclusive. In fact, that’s another big trend no one wants to miss out on!

Black and White

Black and white color schemes are the most striking design trend of the year. Without color, the designer has to get truly creative and the results can be absolutely stunning. Applying just the right effects and techniques can make your black and white color scheme work well.

Bold Fonts

Continuing the stark design trend are big bold fonts. From outlines to shifting shapes, bold and experimental typography is dominating website design. When it comes to today’s web typography, there really are no rules and designers are playing with a little bit of everything.

3D Elements

Incorporate 3D elements this year to make your website stand out. You can use animations, shadows, layer effects or motion to create depth and dimension and enhance visual interest.

Text Design and Scrolling Text

web design Another hot trend this year is designing simply with text and without any images for a minimal aesthetic.

No need to worry about what photo is worthy of your home page banner. Design it without images in 2022. A design without images is also a great opportunity to try other techniques as well, such as animations, hover states, or other interactive elements.

You could also use oversized typography and scrolling text elements to keep the user engaged and by adding emphasis to key words, you can further spark their interest.

However, don’t forget to keep calls to action separate so that website visitors can read them easily.


Gradients keep making a comeback every time you think they are gone. So, they reappeared in 2021, and in 2022, gradients will be seen as text color fills for added emphasis and in illustrations to create an effect of textured depth.

Massive Footers

Website footers have become the new design element, especially for websites that offer a lot of information.

Big footers are a great idea when there are various elements with different purposes. Make the most of this trend by using elements that can create a distinct sense of organization, enabling users to find what they are looking for with ease.

With an increasing number of websites getting redesigned, think how you can utilize these design trends into your websites.

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