Top 7 Android Apps that Google Insist On Trying

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Given the fact that Android is an open-source operating system written in Linux, it has great potential to evolve as an independent technology. Designed primarily for smartphones and tablets the Android operating system evolved gradually without any misses reaching to unimaginable heights in a very short span of time. What we get is a vast platform where one can explore their creativity to come out with user-friendly apps for their daily activities. Listed below are top 7 Android Apps, which you may find it interesting to use: # Ablo – Make New Friends & Explore the World Albo If you like talking to new people or getting along with newer communities around the world interests you, ‘Ablo’ is the app that may keep the fun element rolling. If you’re wondering what the app does, it allows one to know the people from different countries well. Not only you can speak to them in their language and enlighten yourself about their culture at any time of the hour but feel at ease when you’re traveling to their land. Get it right away from the PlayStore and have fun using it as much as you wish to. # Boosted – Manage your Time Well boosted Are you always concerned about improper time management that hampers your daily activities? Well, if you do, ‘Boosted’ productivity and time tracking app will surely help you handle such concerns to a great extent. The app not just focuses to keep a track of your work but would give you a detailed analysis of the time spends on each activity and how you can boost it for future performances. All this is tracked using intuitive technology, which gains users deep insight into their daily activities. # Vedantu – Learning app for classes 6-10 vedantu Knowing that e-learning is a booming industry across the globe has brought several learning apps together make the life of children simpler and fun-filled. With ‘Vedantu,’ you can give children aged 6-10 a wholesome educational experience, which stays with them forever. The app focuses on an interactive online tutoring platform, which allows teachers to provide teaching lessons to the students on virtual platforms. The app supported on the Android OS is designed on the virtual learning environment named WAVE, which technology is built in-house. # MashApp – Post Video Punch lines mashapp MashApp is anything that gives comedians a chance to explore their creative side by posting videos of the jokes or ironical comments and increase their social network. Socializing with humor has become one of the booming industries and with android apps like ‘MashApp’, it is a phenomenal way to maximize the fan following. The app uploads the comic content in the form of short videos and track responses from the followers, which to bond along by giving funny responses. # Smarter – Brainstorming and Mind Games smarter If you think regular brainstorming helps you boost your intellectual side then try on the ‘Smarter’ app to give your urge a meaningful start. This app is designed to get you indulged in mind games under a wide range of categories including memory, logic, math, accuracy, etc. among others. Give your memory a brushing by installing the app on your android phone or tabs and get started instantly. # Appy Weather – your Personal Weather App Appy Weather This app will satisfy your urge to check the status of the weather every now and then. It is not like any other app, which gets monotonous with the usual statistics and a boring looking interface; rather it summarizes the weather status for the users in few fun lines that are simple to read and adds loads of fun whilst keeping a track of the weather. # Swoot – Podcasts with Friends swoot ‘Swoot’ is for all those who wish to get along with friends and watch their favorite shows, seasons, and much more than though podcasting technology platform. The app can be downloaded on smartphones and get started working on it instantly. If you love to stay in touch with your friends and mates, ‘Swoot’ is something that will help you stay entertained right through. Why Android OS is Preferred More than any other OS? The prime reason why android OS is preferred is that it allows several apps to run at the same time on android supported devices. The second most important fact is that it allows easy integration of Google products such as Gmail and YouTube to have flexible user accessibility. The android industry is extensive and still evolving every second of the hour to give engineers a platform where they can explore new verticals to create unique apps that are useful for a variety of purposes. So, without wasting any single second download the above-mentioned apps on your android consoles to start using it and experiencing how android industry has taken the world to a toll.  

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