Why Vertical Video Marketing is the Future!

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Our phones are built to be held and used vertically most of the time. People hold their phones vertically even when using most social media sites. The only times that one can think about using their phone in landscape view is while watching a really long video such as a movie or while playing a game. Since people use their phones vertically a lot more than they use it in landscape mode, it makes sense to use vertical videos when it comes to marketing your products or service. Here are 4 reasons why vertical video marketing is the future:

  1. Our phones are usually made to be held vertically. Today, with bigger and wider screens, viewing a video even in portrait mode allows the user to immerse them in the video. Advertisements that require the phone to be rotated get less engagement from the user. On the other hand, vertical ads are seamless and receive better engagement.
  2. Computers are no longer the platform to get social. Today, mobile has become the greatest platform for social media. Trending social media apps are designed to be used vertically and it is convenient to be used that way. With social media now allowing advertisers to market their products, sneaking your ads seamlessly and in vertical video formats will ensure that you receive better engagement from your targeted users.
  3. The first app that showed the power of vertical videos was SnapChat and soon Instagram followed the similar trend. Recently, WhatsApp and Facebook have done the same thing. More than that, smartphones are also optimizing their device’s screen for better vertical viewing by introducing new aspect ratios and screen sizes.
  4. Vertical videos are more engaging than landscape ones. Since the user is not required to rotate their phones to view the ad, it all looks like a part of the application or the activity that they are doing on their smartphone. This makes the user engage with the ad and not make them feel it like a task.

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