Content Marketing

7 Mistakes to Avoid for a Strong Content Marketing Model

The success of any business entity depends upon how strong its marketing strategy is. Often it is observed that there is a lot of room for action but an inconsistent master plan spoils it all, making businesses vulnerable to fall prey at hands of the peers struggling to make a mark in the competitive industry. According to Seth Godin, the popular American author, and former dot com business executive, “content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.”  

It is true to say that content marketing is an important field for businesses to bring in new leads but an equally challenging one as well. So, what best practices should be acquired and mistakes to be avoided to achieve a robust content marketing model to keep businesses ahead of the counterparts and needs to be addressed well?

Here are a few mistakes that should be avoided while planning a strong content marketing strategy:

#1 Half-hearted Planning 

While most of the content marketing strategies start strong, not many reach the desired goals. Know why this happens? Well, lack of patience and the right approach is the prime cause why most of the content marketing models collapse at the beginning of its inception. Let’s explain it this way.

Suppose, you’ve initiated or planned a marketing strategy for brand promotion and enforce necessary guidelines to have it implemented but you realize the planning didn’t fit your expectations and outcome is a failure. It happened because the team lacked passion and consistency in driving the marketing of company to the next level.

Hence, a focused and team playing staff is the key to build a strong content marketing platform for your company.

#2 Playing Quantity over Quality

Publishing irrelevant content just for the sake of it is the worst decision to keep your content marketing plan rolling. Some organizations don’t work on quality but quantity and this is where they miss out on targeting the potential customers beneficial for the growth of their businesses.

Teams are usually directionless and perform poorly because they don’t have any set of ideals and goals on which they could work a strong content marketing model. One has to be thoughtful to come out with amazing content pieces for posting on reputed marketing platforms.

The best trick to play this part safe and strong is to stay focused and keep working on posting quality content that finally becomes an asset rather than a liability in the years to come.

#3 Taking too long to implement a Great Marketing Plan

Once you achieve a great content marketing model for your organization ensure to implement it right away. The longer you take to implement it, longer will be its outcomes, which may not be fruitful for your business. As it is content marketing reaps benefits for businesses at a slow pace, if proper measures are not  implemented on time it will reduce its chances to make a mark in the competitive content market.

#4 Short-Terms Plans finds Businesses Short-Term Visibility

Anything that shows instant results may find your businesses an overnight success but will not work for a longer period. The prime cause for it is a lack of passion and zeal amongst teammates to work out stronger and fruitful strategies for building robust customer relationships. The great content marketing model aims for future relationships with customers rather than short-term success ladders. The staff must keep an eye on the latest content marketing trends and match it up with the existing model of organizations to come out with an exceptional plan that stands out.

#5 Aiming for the ‘Change it All’ at Once

As discussed previously, content marketing takes its own time to reap organizations’ monetary benefits hence changing the business model of the company completely, in the beginning, makes no sense.

#6 No Reviews on the Content Marketing Plan Performance

Practically speaking, any content marketing plan that has a lot of effort being put into should likely to be reviewed at regular intervals for making it work perfectly. However, such is not the case with most of the organizations. Once they implement a content marketing plan, they leave it lame resulting in poor performance and untimely failure.

So, why should be businesses doing a review of the implemented content marketing plan?

There are two main scenarios for the above-mentioned question:

  • If the content marketing strategy works well and gains your profit, your efforts are visible and would gain you profit in terms of branding and online visibility.
  • On the contrary, if your plan isn’t working fine, it means you need to focus on the valuable inputs for insightful gains.

All this and more is possible only if you review your content marketing strategy at regular intervals.

#7 Social Media Dependency

Social media is a competitive platform for businesses to build a strong brand image but in content marketing, it isn’t the only thing that needs to be focused upon. Each social media platform follows a modus-operandi that deal with its potential visitors seeking engagement for their businesses. Therefore, following it blindly without knowing your target audience and expecting revenue generation is not the wise thing to do. Research well before you actually implements it in your existing model.

Bottom Line 

Defining your business goals and the target audience is an extremely important step before planning any content marketing strategy for your businesses. Not only will it help you understand potential customers would give your business a deeper outlook about how it can prosper in the challenging and competitive business world.

Five Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Five Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Businesses who wish to make it Big!

With the upcoming month making an entry into some of the important events like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday, chances are you may scale-up your businesses to a level unimagined for. Seasonal marketing strategies are what we will focus on in this section to help you leverage businesses to a profitable category. Here are some interesting facts to read:


  1. The Power of Social Media 


Update your social media accounts by creating smart posts and showcase logos of your brands using affordable photo-editing tools like the Canva and PicMonkey to promote special events and seasons. Updating your profile pictures with seasonal items like leaves, a pumpkin, turkeys, etc., will not just buy you views from the followers who you were associated with a few years back but can also help you connect with them for repeat-business.


  1. HashTags Work Well


Hashtags play a pivotal role in engaging your followers across all social media platforms. Show a personalized touch while reaching out to the followers. Encourage them to share their favorite Thanksgiving memory (#thanksgivingthoughts) or maybe you could add a funny element to the hashtags by asking them their biggest Thanksgiving disaster (thxbutnothx) or (Thanksgivingnightmares).


  1. Bridge-Gaps with Thank-You Notes


We often don’t get to meet our potential customers in person or even talk to them on the phone. Sending them a short thank you note on the phone will help you bridge gaps and strengthen bonds for future business prospects.


  1. Live Demos on Themed Events


If you’re a small business entity let’s say for example you sell ‘greeting cards,’ hosting live demos on “how to create?” Thanksgiving or Black Friday cards will help you get closer to your customers in a big way. This is a great way to market your brand as visual live demos connect better than anything else.


  1. The “Give-Away” Trick  


Customers are always on the lookout for deals and offers by businesses and what could be more propelling than planning give-away items on account of special events like Thanksgiving. You could always give-away free product samples or services to increase your followers and establish a strong customer base across the globe.


So, let this November win you good market base across your niche and help you establish a brand image that you were aiming at all these years.

Google Ad (Adwords) is Here to Stay - Trends to Follow in 2019!

Google Ad (Ad words) is here to Stay – Trends to follow in 2019!

So, what is that one thing that’s driving Google Ad words to scale up unimaginable heights in the year 2019? Is it the PPC automation? Yes, it is. To a great extent, automation is one trend that is seeking spaces to outgrow its branches across the digitalized environment Google and other search engine biggies are offering its potential users. But how far will it exists despite all the odd peers that it undergoes over human intelligence is yet to experience? In the meanwhile, let’s ponder upon some of the latest trends pertaining to Google Ad words.

Increased Mobile Usage – Optimize Google Ads

Ever since the mobile market evolved our daily lives, e-commerce has diminished a lot of conventional modes of doing businesses across the globe. With mobile usage increasing by the day, the Google Ad words will surely continue to grow amongst the target audience. It not just optimizes your business but earn rewards as well.

Frame Crisp Market Strategy

It is extremely important to understand how well your marketing services are sailing in a highly competitive business environment. The Google Ad word service is sure to stay but it’s not just the only thing that adds to the overall revenue. If you’re an entrepreneur you must be well versed with the several phases of the buying cycle including paid ad searches or videos on Facebook among other such channels that generate the growth of any company.

Relying completely on the Google Adwords may have you lost on potential business prospects. So, have a thorough idea of how you can

Re-engineer Ads for Better Visibility and Greater Revenue Percentages

Studies have proved that if you re-engineer the already existing ad campaigns of your existing or new businesses, chances are that your business will scale up heights in no time at all. It might be an effort for businesses to re-think all over again and invest an ample time for framing a new marketing campaign, but it does work!

Video Marketing – Best Tool for Google Ad Words

With more and more users getting inclined to the video platform, Google Ad words already have its share to conquer the digital media world. It has been one of the best marketing mediums for businesses in the year 2018 and surely one of the best in the upcoming year as well.  What you get is increased CTR, message association, purchase intent, and increased ad recall. So, go for it now!


Pinterest Boasts a Massive 250 Million Active Monthly Users

Last year, September, Pinterest reported to have crossed 200 million active monthly users and it was great news to hear. The same month, this year, the image based social bookmarking site has reported to have reached a milestone of 250 million active monthly users, which again is a great feat.

While sharing the statistics, Pinterest also reported that 80 percent of new sign-ups are outside the USA. Also, 40% of the new sign-ups are men.

Another thing to know is the fact that Pinterest is now becoming an increasingly shoppable platform. Pinterest announced earlier this year that 87% of is users said to have bought a product because it was relevant to the content they were engaging with.

Along with increasing users, “Pins” are also growing at the same time. Currently, there are about 175 billion of them which is an increase of about 75%.

Since the community has been growing at a rapid pace, the company has also begun a hiring more employees at a faster rate. The company has recently hired over 1500 new employees which is a 32% increase from the previous year.

Seeing that 87% of its users do buy things suggests that the visual-based search giant, Pinterest has now become critical to retails’ online sales and marketing strategies. Not only has the platform seen a rise in its active user numbers but consumers are also spending more money while purchasing something from the platform.

The company has also been making efforts to partner with major retail companies. Earlier in March, Pinterest forged a partnership with The Home Depot to increase the social network’s discovery feature called Shop the Look. Similarly, Target has also partnered with Pinterest for visual search.

CRO Tools

How CRO Tools can Expedite Your Website’s SEO?

CRO or conversion rate optimization can be described as systemic process that uses analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. Conversion rate optimization is geared towards increasing the percentage of people who visit your website to take an action that you desire. For example, fill out a form, subscribe to your newsletter, etc. The process of CRO involves understanding how your visitors navigate through your site, what actions they take, and what actually is stopping them from taking the actions that you want them to take in the first place.

If you have done search engine optimization for a while now, you probably know that optimization of a website never really ends. There is always something more that you can do for your website to make it perform better. As more users begin to engage with your website, you are bound to make some tweaks and changes to the website in order to offer a better user experience or get the desired action taken from your visitors. This is where CRO or conversion rate optimization can play a great role.

How do CRO Tools Help You in SEO?

When you look at CRO and SEO, it can sometimes become hard to determine which one to prioritize when optimizing our website. It is because SEO on one hand helps you drive quality traffic to the website which can then be converted into potential customers. On the other hand, CRO can help you set up a reliable conversion path before you start driving quality traffic to the website.

There are many incredible CRO tools out there on the market that can make your CRO approach toward your website easier and effective. Using CRO tools to optimize your website helps you in the followings ways:

  • It helps you segment the traffic that your website is receiving and convert them into potential customers
  • It helps you find useful insights about your website by analyzing how users are interacting with your website and products
  • With proper utilization of CRO tools, you are able to adjust your budget spending for the purpose of marketing and optimization
  • When CRO tools are implements correctly, it can generate better profits
Happy Anniversary OgreLogic

Ogrelogic Solutions Celebrates the Successful Completion of Three Years

It is a proud moment for us as Ogrelogic Solutions marks the 3rd anniversary on 29th June 2018. We have come a long way since we started as a three members team. Today, Ogrelogic Solutions is a solid team of more than 75 employees. Along with the celebrations, the cofounders of Ogrelogic Solutions, Mr. Manan Vashisht and Mr. Gaurav Sharma share how the company met new milestones, came across unexpected obstacles and the future vision of Ogrelogic Solutions.

Ogrelogic Solutions was started on 29th June 2015 and today the company has grown to set up its new offices in many countries including USA, and India. “The company started as a simple digital marketing agency and is now moving into the zone of IT consultancy”, stated CEO, Manan Vashisht. He also added, “Ogrelogic Solutions started with the low hanging food of digital marketing, SEO, SMO, web development, mobile applications, and web app. In 2018-2019, we are looking at getting into detailed IT consulting and software development company”.


The biggest challenge that Ogrelogic Solutions had to face was the human resource. At first, we believed this would not be a challenge but overcame it by implementing certain trends.

We Are Unique!

Ogrelogic Solutions is also among the first few companies that registered the company in the US first and then registered the company in India. We brought the concept of “Train the Trainer”, which has been helping new employees to be trained extensively. We always believed that more than sales, retention is important. We put our focus on the delivery part, retention part, and the customer satisfaction part to help us become what we are today and it still remains our key focus. We actively put our focus on ensuring every employee’s growth path in the company. CEO, Manan Vashisht stated, “Every single person in the company for me is a profit unit”. We are also very keen on rewarding and recognizing talented and hardworking individuals. Unlike other companies, when we even promote individuals in 3 months and 6 months based on their talent, maturity, growth prospects, and when the employee brings a lot of revenue. We are also focused on giving our Ogres international exposure and introduce them to other parts of the world.

Ogrelogic Solutions Believes in Youth

We believe in youth, they are young, rearing to go, dynamic, want to develop an identity for themselves. “The ideology behind hiring youths is very simple, we want to train them, they are fresh, educated, have their own ideas, today’s youths believe in the power of social media, and they believe in the power of communication”, explained CEO Manan Vashisht. We keep looking for talented kids and go to different colleges across the country and offer them jobs with handsome salaries.

The Strategy for The Year 2018-2019

We want to work as a dedicated resource management company and get into more technologies”, said CEO Manan Vashisht. Ogrelogic Solutions aims to double up the number of employees and double up the revenues. The company has been successful in doing business in countries such as USA, Canada, and Australia. Now we are looking forward to exposing ourselves to other parts of the world. We are also actively working on our KRA management, SLA management, we are trying to build up the software for our own selves among which one of them is the HR software. The next thing that we are focused on is getting into the products market. We also want to build products for our own self. We want to tap into the healthcare business, financial business, and human resource business in the year 2018-2019.

video marketing

The Ultimate 5-Step guide To Use Facebook Live As A Video Marketing Tool

Facebook Live allows anyone to broadcast live videos from their mobile directly to Facebook news feed. And with that, Facebook has handed marketers another great tool to communicate with the customers.

To make effective use of this simple yet awesome tool, there are a few things marketers need to consider so that they can engage the followers and customers better. We are sure, by now, you know how to broadcast on Facebook Live. The feature allows you not only to broadcast a video live but also allow followers to replay it later; you can block and unblock users, and more.

The real question is how to analyze the performance if your video. Facebook lets you analyze –

  • Peak live Viewers
  • Minutes Viewed
  • Video views
  • 10-second views
  • Unique viewers
  • Average percentage completion
  • People reached
  • Reactions, comments, shares

Each of these metrics can be further explored to see how it changed over time, represented graphically.

How to make the most of this amazing tool is what marketers are trying to figure out and strategies are evolving as we go. Here are a few quick tips from the video production team at OgreLogic, one of the top digital marketing companies in Austin.

Keep Telling ‘EM Who You Are

Just as you introduce yourself in the beginning, don’t forget do so in the middle and other times during the broadcast. This is for the benefit of viewers who may keep joining later as they spot you in their news feed. That makes it important to reintroduce yourself and the purpose behind the broadcast.

Testing… One, Two, Three…

If you are new to Facebook Live, test your live video with “only me” in the privacy settings.

Keep Them Hooked

Since the videos in the news feed autoplay but in stay muted unless turned on, it is absolutely important that your video catches the attention of the viewers visually, right from the beginning. At the same time, remember that people will keep joining as they find you in the news feed. So the engagement has to be kept high throughout the video.

There is another interesting fact not many people know about Facebook Live. Facebook now has algorithms to track when viewers turn the audio on, when they turn to full screen and more. This makes more engaging videos rank higher up in news feeds.

The best way to engage with your audience is to call out their names. Since you can see who is commenting, in real time, you could address them by name and that really scores high with the viewers. You could answer their questions or share if someone made a joke.

Unstructured Is Cool

Since Facebook is not a formal platform, it is okay to let your hair down and let the video flow spontaneously, say experts at OgreLogic, the reputed video marketing agency in Austin. That is, in fact, the edge you get with Facebook Live as compared to recorded videos and that is what keeps the viewers glued to the screen.

Like And Share

Ensuring that viewers like and share your video is the most important part of the activity. Since viewers are with you, you could ask them to like and share a couple of time throughout the video.

As social media sites come up with more ideas like Facebook Live, the applications are limited only to the imagination of the marketer. Be innovative, don’t be afraid to experiment a little and embrace the platform you are using.

To know more on how to make the most of video marketing for your brand or to talk to an expert, visit one of the leading video marketing agencies in Austin at

Mobile App Development

5 Steps To choose The Best Mobile App Development Company

There are apps and there are apps. So how do you make sure that the company you choose to get your app developed from is a good one? Here are some tips to choose the right mobile app development company.

Know What You Want

Yes, it may sound obvious, but not many businesses set out with a clear understanding of what they exactly want the mobile app to do. Understanding your own requirement would certainly help you narrow down your mobile app development company search. Do you want an iOS, Android or Windows App;Native app or Hybrid app? Who are the users going to be? Who are you targeting? Answering such questions will help you be more specific and closer to getting the app developed.

Check The Company’s Portfolio

Find out how long the company has been developing mobile apps? Have a look at their portfolio. Have the mobile app development company you been considering experienced in the kind of application that you want to develop. The previous work will give you a glimpse into the company’s skill and experience.

Check Transparency

Check whether the mobile app development company is open enough to share constant communication regarding your app. There should be a continuous feedback loop and a system in place for the client to be able to communicate with the company properly.

The company should be prompt and transparent in their communication. There should be a mutually agreed upon policy to communicate through mails, Skype, phones or in-person meetings.

Check Cost Effectiveness

Building within your budget is important but that doesn’t mean you grab the cheapest offer available. Lay emphasis on a high quality app that would fit within your budget. Too-good-to-be-true may actually be untrue.

Is The Company As Excited As You About The New App

An enthusiastic team is a sign that they would actually treat the entire project as their own. Some companies are willing to create a prototype before building the actual product. Some companies would offer you add-on services that are not part of the standard package. Decide on terms about what happens if they not deliver on or before the deadline.

At OgreLogic, our comprehensive app development abilities are well-versed in designing and supporting apps across various mobile platforms. Continuous support ensures your app stay up to date and best in class.

To know more about one of the best mobile app development companies, visit

Content Marketing Services

Make The Most of Your Existing Content

Content marketing does not just mean churning more content by the minute and throwing it on social media. Content has been here for a while. Think about how much content you have already created in blogs and articles. Since you have created so much already, it makes sense to bring it out, dust it and polish it for different formats and send it back again for a successful second round. Plus it saves you money on new content creation!

Here are a few ideas from one of the top content marketing companies in Austin , OgreLogic, on how you can reuse your existing content to your advantage.

Repurpose Existing Blogs

Pick up several blogs that talk about related concepts or topics and combine them into a relevant article, especially the ones that didn’t get many views or shares, the less read ones. You could create lists, tips and guides that provide valuable content to your readers. Adding links to each topic in the guide can provide you different ways to promote your content.

Turn Words into Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Convert the existing content into visually appealing infographics, slide shares or a picture album with tips/headings (as captions) and links to long-form content. Tools like Canva caninstantly turn written content into bite-sized visuals. Add video content to posts.

Or you could do the opposite. Transcript podcasts and webinars with quirky headings to create written content instantly.

Follow Trends

Take out several articles or blogs where you had spoken about an upcoming trend. Compare it to what is actually happening. Update with new information and data that would be of interest to your readers. Updating old content can also increase the traffic you obtain from organic SEO and the leads you generate on those posts.


3 Best Kept Secrets To Create Winning Content

Inbound marketing thrives on content creation, say experts at OgreLogic, the leading content marketing company in Austin. Companies across the globe are using content marketing successfully to boost sales, build brands and establish a bond with their customers. Content can include:

  • Blogs and articles.
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • White Papers, E-books etc.

Content creation can be a great tool to communicate to your clients or customers directly about their concerns, your advice to them and industry insights. Original and engaging content can help you build a great rapport with your customers. It can also add to your search engine optimization efforts by making you more visible on search engines with more stuff to share. Businesses who have not yet harnessed the power of content creation can greatly benefit from these amazing tips from one of the best content marketing companies in Austin, OgreLogic.


There is no use in creating content no one is looking for. In inbound marketing, you want to be found, when someone searches for your kind of product or service in your location. This means you should understand thoroughly who your potential buyers are, what they are looking for and where they go looking for information, where they hang out on the web etc. OgreLogic content marketing team at Austin also advises you to put tools like Google Analytics to use to find out what people are looking for on the search engines. Creating fresh, engaging content around these keywords can give a great boost to your inbound marketing efforts.


Blogging gets you results, is a fact. At the same time, experiment with different forms of content. An interesting infographic could prove more useful than a verbose article. Quizzes, online polls, checklists, infographics, video, podcasts or webinars are used very effectively to present content by one of the best content marketing teams at OgreLogic, Austin.


The content you create will be any good only if it holds any value to the potential customer. Educative, informative and entertaining content always wins over content that is only created with an intention to sell. Promoting your product or service makes sense only when it solves a problem or makes the potential buyer’s life easy, points out the top content marketing company in Austin, OgreLogic.

Content Marketing Services

4 Quick Ways To Add Spice To Your Content

We are human. We love to talk and hear others do so. Posts, blogs, infographics, images and videos, all satisfy this basic human need. Since our mind thinks in images, visual content scores over all other forms of content. Photos and videos are the best form of content because visual is how we make sense of the world around us. We at OgreLogic, Austin’s leading content marketing agency, share 4 simple tips to supercharge your content marketing strategy, share 4 simple tips to supercharge your content marketing strategy.


High quality, context appropriate images added to your blog or article catch the viewer’s attention instantly. Animated GIFs are an innovative way to showcase otherwise boring statistics and figures.


Font and Formatting is visual too.To be honest, most content is visual (unless it is audio). The font type and size, spacing, paragraph size, headings and sub-heads, bullets and numbering, everything is visual. Ignoring any element can cost you in a big way. Shares, comments, likes, re-tweets, all depend upon how interesting your content is, say content marketers at OgreLogic, Austin.


Our lives are about stories; we live in them. How-to videos, teasers, interviews, innovations such as Facebook’s auto playing videos have made it hard for the viewer to miss your content.


Interesting infographics appeal to the child in all of us. Content in an infographic unfolds as in a story and keeps the reader engaged till the end. Tedious content such as data and figures suddenly starts making sense when presented visually as in a chart, graph or infographic.

Visual equals more engagement and more set of eyes looking at what you have to say. Enrich your content with an eye-catching visual and watch your business grow.

Content Marketing

The 21st Century Renaissance – Content Marketing

Bill Gates, in 1996, had already predicted what we are witnessing today. He said, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.” From blog posts to videos to info graphics, content rules, says content marketing company, Austin. Almost 70% of people would rather learn about a company via an article than an ad.

Companies like General Electric have become global leaders because they are happy to share internal knowledge on complex products like aircraft’s and wind turbines through informative articles, GIFs, corporate micro sites etc.. GE has evolved from a company which produces and markets things into a brand which brings in new knowledge and ideas. Red Bull’s content led it to its own content production arm, the Red Bull Media House. As in the 17th century’s age of enlightenment, ideas are being spread and fostered.

Content Marketing Austin explains why content marketing is indispensable to success in business:

  • No more one-time buyers – Content keeps users engaged longer with the brand though availability on a variety of platforms and devices. Consumers become more loyal to brands who are not just trying to sell and make a quick buck but are genuinely interested in creating awareness, spreading ideas and sharing knowledge.
  • Everyone is a brand ambassador– Engaging content shared by users through their social accounts, email or word-of-mouth makes everyone an influencer and drives awareness for your brand.
  • Content helps you become visible – Content is still king because being found depends on relevant, contextual, high quality content.
  • Content boosts sales – Online content is what consumers rely on while shopping online or making decisions for offline purchases.
  • Syndicated content makes a difference-Apart from your own website, content on social networks, online publishers, comparison sites engages consumers and influences sales.
  • User generated content influences buyer behaviour–Times have changed, so has the buying process. We now want opinions and reviews from others users about products and services, from rating sites, blogs or social networks before making our decisions.

At the end of the day, a brand which creates and delivers innovative, engaging content to customers and positions itself as an expert only will ultimately be a motivator of behaviour change.